The Fire Department station with two trucks.


Mission Statement: To protect life, property and the environment in Orangeville and surrounding areas from all perils, through education, prevention, investigation, training, rescue, fire suppression and pre-hospital care support service.

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Pull Over and Stop

A flashing green light indicates a volunteer firefighter responding to an emergency call. Drivers should know that they are required by law to pull to the right and stop.

As part of the Community Services Department, Orangeville Fire consists of  20 full-time firefighters, and 24 volunteer firefighters who respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service has a Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Administrative Assistant, three Fire Prevention Officers and a Training Officer.

The Fire Chief also holds the position of Dufferin County Fire Co-ordinator as well as C.E.M.C. (Community Emergency Management Co-ordinator) for Orangeville with the Deputy Chief being the alternate in these positions.

Orangeville Fire responds in Orangeville, Town of Mono, and East Garafraxa and Amaranth Townships.

Firefighting Aspect

The firefighters respond to over 1500 calls annually consisting of:

  • Fire responses: (structural, vehicle, agricultural);
  • Motor vehicle accident responses: (extrication of victims, First Aid,  stabilizing victims and removing them from the vehicles, assist police in protecting the scene and traffic control, containing and/ or clean-up of liquid spills such as gasoline, oil, etc.;
  • Medical responses: usually life-threatening conditions, (trouble breathing, possible heart attack, seizures, industrial entrapment where our hydraulic equipment is required);
  • Other responses not included in the above:  Water/ Ice rescue, carbon monoxide activations, natural gas leaks, fire alarm activations, hazardous material spills, burning complaints, unknown odours, public assistance, as well as Mutual Aid if required by another fire service.

Response Equipment

Equipment consists of one 2012 Spartan rescue/support unit; one 2009 Pierce Contender pumper; one 2005 Pierce Enforcer (rescue/pumper); one 2003 Ford F550 Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) mini pumper; one 2002 Pierce 105 foot aerial truck; and one 2018 Spartan pumper/tanker.