July 13, 2020 Council Highlights

Recreation and Parks Master Plan – Council received the Recreation and Parks Master Plan. There will be a Special Council Meeting held on July 27 regarding the plan, to allow additional time to review the plan. The recommended projects will come back in a future report with a prioritization and implementation plan for consideration.

2019 Audited Financial Statements Council received the 2019 Town of Orangeville Audited Financial Statements and approved the audited consolidated financial statements of the Corporation of the Town of Orangeville and the Statement of Trust Funds as presented.

Open Orangeville COVID-19 General Recovery Plan 2020-21 – Council received the Town’s Recovery Plan, entitled “Open Orangeville”. The plan was developed as a guide to decision-making and actions, laying out a path forward designed to acknowledge that as things change, adjustments will need to be made and flexibility will be required. It is also intended to level set expectations on internal service recovery, while supporting the external recovery of the community at large.

Business-Specific Version of the Open Orangeville Recovery Plan – a business-specific recovery plan was presented and received by Council.

Managing the Financial Impact of COVID-19 – Council received a report from the GM of Corporate Services, which gave a brief overview of the Town’s financial resiliency. Additionally, the report addressed such factors as the Ontario Government’s postponement of the 2020 assessment update, and recommendations to the federal and provincial governments made by the Municipal Financial Officers Association. As many factors are still fluid, it is expected that the Town’s 2021 Budget timeline may be impacted.

Community Improvement Plan – Council received a report from the GM of Community Services recommending an update to the Town’s Community Improvement Plan, originally passed by Council in 1990. A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool developed by municipal planners and economic developers working collaboratively to develop policies and incentives targeting specific types of growth and investment. As a significant investment in the Town’s COVID-19 recovery plan, the completion of a CIP for the Town of Orangeville will result in opportunities to provide financial incentives to encourage new investment in targeted economic sectors for the purposes of diversifying the local economy and creating/retaining jobs. Council directed staff to include $100,000 for the completion of a Community Improvement Plan in the 2021 capital budget proposal for Council’s consideration.

Naturalization of Park Spaces – Council received a report from the GM of Community Services regarding the naturalization of park spaces and residents’ concerns and requests that such areas be maintained by the Town. Naturalization is a process that involves little or no maintenance intervention to allow the ecosystem to return to its natural condition and restore ecological integrity. The naturalized areas throughout the Town of Orangeville provide many benefits environmentally and staff recommended that these areas remain in a naturalized state. Council resolved to continue to follow the current policies and plans as they relate to naturalized spaces and allow the park space to remain naturalized.

340 Broadway Residential Demolition Permit Application Council approved an application for demolition at 340 Broadway.

Hydro Board of Directors – Unanimous Shareholders Agreement – Council directed staff to work with Orangeville Hydro Limited and the Town of Grand Valley to amend the Unanimous Shareholders Agreement to provide for a term of up to three years and to establish a term limit of 12 years. The amendment will ensure clarity around the maximum term that an incumbent director may serve, and that there will be board renewal and succession planning for directors that brings new ideas and perspectives.

Town Council and Committee Meetings – Council approved changes to the procedural by-law for Council and Committees to provide for electronic participation, and to establish that statutory public meetings be held at separate dates and times from Council meetings, once the declared emergency is over.