June 22, 2020 Council Highlights

Operations Centre roof replacement – The roof at the Operations Centre needs to be replaced. Staff recommended an ethylene propylene diene terpolymer membrane (EPDM) roof, rather than replacing the existing tar and asphalt paper roof. The EPDM roof can be installed on the existing roof and is more resilient, includes fewer seams, and has greater durability. Council directed staff to arrange for a structural inspection on the site to determine its suitability for future solar considerations, along with a white-coloured or reflective roof treatment.

Pet Shop By-law – Council directed staff to hold a public meeting in September 2020 to obtain feedback on amending Pet Shop By-law 95-2005, to permit pet shops to only sell dogs, cats and rabbits that have been obtained from such organizations as municipal animal shelters, humane societies, and other animal shelters or rescue groups. Staff is to co-ordinate an online survey of residents.

Crosswalk on Centennial Road – Council received correspondence in support of the installation of a pedestrian crosswalk on Centennial Road at Commerce Road. This follows a delegation to Council on May 11 by Georgian College requesting consideration of a crosswalk in the same area.

Orangeville Business Improvement Area – Council heard a report from the Orangeville BIA, outlining some priorities the BIA has identified including a public plaza at Alexandra Park and creating a community improvement plan for downtown. The BIA expressed support for Council to investigate development opportunities for 82-90 Broadway.