April 6, 2020 Council Highlights

The Town of Orangeville successfully held a second virtual Council meeting on April 6th in efforts to minimize the impacts and spread of COVID-19.


Strategic Plan Progress Report – Council received a progress report on the Strategic Plan, for 2017 to 2019, outlining some of the key achievements made by the Town, under each of the five strategic plan areas.

Council also approved the outcomes of Council’s Strategic Planning Session which set common priorities, with respect to initiatives and funding requests, for the remainder of this term of Council.


Annual and Summary Water Works Reports – Council received the Annual and Summary Water Works Reports and requested a copy be forwarded to Credit Valley Conservation. The reports provided Council with the 2019 waterworks reports and data for the Orangeville drinking water system.


Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Annual Report – Council received the 2019 Water Pollution Control Plant Annual Report as required by the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). The report provided Council with a basic description of the WPCP and the treatment process, a summary of raw sewage and final effluent quality, a summary of major maintenance work undertaken and a discussion of all bypasses that occurred in 2019.  


Annual building permit fees – The 2019 Building Permit Report was received by Council. The report informed Council of the building permit fees collected, and the costs associated with the administration and enforcement of the Building Code Act in 2019.


Rainbow crosswalks – Council approved the allowance of $12,000 for rainbow crosswalks crossing Mill Street near Broadway and crossing Broadway on the west side of Wellington Street, in the 2021 operating budget. The installation of the rainbow crosswalks is set to be completed prior to Celebrate Your Awesome in 2021.


Heritage permit application for 51 Zina Street – Council approved the heritage permit application in accordance with comments received from staff for 51 Zina Street. The original building was constructed in 1880 and occupied as of November 1881 to house the County Courthouse. The building contains numerous prominent and unique architectural design features of significance from this period. The work outlined in the heritage permit application includes repairs and restorations to the existing ornamental chimneys, roof features and windows, which are in various states of deterioration.


Procurement activities – In December 2018, the CAO approved the Town’s Procurement Policy. The Policy provides direction from the Town’s CAO for the procurement/disposal of goods and services, to be carried forth in an efficient and cost-effective manner, having regards to the objective of openness, fairness, transparency and integrity in the Town’s procurement activities. Council received the Procurement Activities and Contract Award Details report, which outlines the procurement activities and awards in excess of $30,000 for the Town for 2019.

Sign variance application approved – Council granted a variance, as amended, to the sign by-law to permit a canopy sign at 226 Broadway (Shell gas station) with a sign area of 18.99m2, conditional upon obtaining a sign permit. Council waived the sign variance fee of $200.

Capital expenditures update – Orangeville CAO Ed Brennan provided a verbal update regarding 2020 Capital Expenditures and how the effects of COVID-19 may impact the completion of some capital projects. Council received the verbal report and passed a motion directing staff to proceed with the design and engineering of the Bricks on Broadway sidewalk project to a maximum of $90,000 and the design component of the trail project to a maximum of $50,000. Council passed a motion for the final determination on proceeding with the implementation of these projects to be delayed for 90 days until the impact of the COVID-19 crisis are determined. Additionally, staff were directed to prepare a report regarding 2020 capital expenditures for the May 8, 2020 Council meeting.

COVID-19 questions and answers – The Mayor read out questions received from members of the public relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics included the current process for performing and issuing building and occupancy permits.