February 10, 2020 Council Highlights

Orangeville Kin Club Annual Road Toll - Council approved a request from the Orangeville Kin Club to hold a road toll on May 9 and September 26, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the intersection of Third Street and Fourth Avenue.

Source Water Protection Annual Report - Council received the annual report which outlined accomplishments and key initiatives in source water protection for the Town. Included in 2019 was the negotiation of risk management plans to address existing drinking water threats, primarily addressing road salt application and snow storage activities. Source Protection staff also drafted a municipal Water Conservation Plan which will be presented to Council in 2020.

Water and Wastewater Bill Adjustment Policy - Council directed staff to bring forward a by-law to adopt a Water and Wastewater Bill Adjustment Policy to provide partial relief to homeowners who experience unusually high water bills as a result of a plumbing system failure.

Update to Water and Wastewater Rates - Council approved an update to the Water and Wastewater Rates By-Law, based on a report from Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. The operating, capital and lifecycle costs associated with the operation of the water and wastewater systems are funded solely from water and wastewater rates. Implementing the rate structure proposed in the Study will generate revenue to cover these costs going forward.

Transit Advertising - Council directed staff to bring forward a by-law to establish new transit advertising rates to be in line with current market practices. Additionally, staff were directed to begin the procurement process to outsource advertising for interior and exterior transit bus advertising, bus shelter advertising and other potential future transit advertising spaces.

Municipal Tree Canopy Policy - Council adopted a policy brought forward by staff to increase the Town’s tree canopy from a currently estimated 30% to 40% by 2040. This would be accomplished through seven key areas, including inventory of trees, plantings, types of plantings, maintenance, open space / conservation areas, planning and development, and education.

Downtown Parking - Council received a report on Climate Consideration for a Proposed Downtown Parking Structure. The report references the assessment done in 2017 that noted that existing parking supply was adequate to accommodate both peak and average parking demands. Council directed staff to report back on the opportunities available for a commercial development that includes an elevated parking facility for downtown Orangeville on the lands located on the south side of Broadway across from Town Hall.