January 13, 2020 Council Highlights

Official Plan Review – Council received a phase one work plan for the Official Plan Review. The Town’s OP review exercise will be split into two phases, with the first phase proceeding imminently, focusing on updates to non-growth management and land use-related aspects of the OP. The second phase will focus on the growth management and land use allocation aspects of the OP. Phase two would be initiated at a later point when the County of Dufferin has its OP review process well underway, with corresponding growth management updates at the County level being better understood.

Additional funds for HVAC at OSPCA -- Council approved the re-allocation of surplus funds of $23,067 from the HVAC consulting fees project and surplus of $20,000 from the Alder HVAC project towards the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPC) HVAC project. In the 2019 capital budget, funding was approved ($175,000) to replace the HVAC system at the OSPCA. The replacement was a directive by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to bring the current mechanical ventilation system up to the proper standards. All of the tender bids received last fall were higher than the budgeted amount to carry out the necessary changes to the HVAC system. Staff recommended the combined projects total of $43,067 be re-allocated to complete the OSPCA HVAC project.

Pedestrian crossing approved -- Council directed staff to implement a Level 2, type D PXO pedestrian crossing at Louisa Street and Elizabeth Street to be funded from the 2020 budget. The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) recently completed an update of its Ontario Traffic Manual, and specifically Book 15, Pedestrian Crossing Treatments. The update introduced new variations of pedestrian crossovers. The new crossings allow pedestrians to cross the road right-of-way under a greater number of conditions and which provides municipalities with a more cost-effective solution to ensure pedestrian safety.

Both traffic and pedestrian counts were undertaken. The analysis found that the intersection traffic volumes do not warrant an all-way stop. However, in considering a PXO at this location, the vehicular volumes combined with the pedestrian volumes crossing Elizabeth Street do meet the warrant for a PXO.  The work will be funded as part of the approved 2020 operating budget.

Centre Street parking agreement – Council approved the renewal of a 10-year lease agreement between 2662216 Ontario Inc. and the Town of Orangeville for 10 parking spaces at the corner of Centre Street and Broadway.

Safety at Riddell Road intersections – A motion was passed directing staff to issue a Request for Proposal for consulting services to review the Riddell Road intersections with Alder Street and Spencer Avenue/Centennial Road to improve traffic safety for left-turning vehicles while maintaining the arterial road function of Riddell Road as part of County Road 109. Roundabouts are to be considered by the consultant. The cost of the consultant is to be funded from the General Capital Reserve and refunded back to the General Capital Reserve in the 2021 budget.

Sign variance applications approved – Council granted a sign variance to the sign by-law to permit a ground sign at 273 Broadway with a maximum sign area of 2m2 per side with internal illumination conditional upon obtaining a sign permit.

Council granted a variance to the sign by-law to permit a ground sign at 226 Broadway (Shell gas station) to include an electronic message display conditional upon obtaining a sign permit.

OPP transition update -- Orangeville Council voted on December 2, 2019 to transition to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and disband the Orangeville Police Service (OPS). Since that date, the Town has been working with the OPP and OPS on the transition of police services and has created a transition team to oversee the work. Currently, the tentative transition date is October 1, 2020. In an update to Orangeville Council on January 13, Orangeville CAO Ed Brennan said the Town is committed to supporting members of the OPS to enable the transition to be as seamless as possible.