December 16, 2019 Council Highlights

Residents express safety concerns – Residents of Settlers Creek subdivision appeared as a delegation at Council, presenting a petition and expressing concerns about speed and visibility at two intersections with Riddell Road. They requested advanced green signals be installed at Riddell and Alder and Riddell and Spencer as well as the installation of a four-way stop at Abbey and Spencer and Abbey and Sherwood.

Staff is to report back in January of 2020 on the costs of implementing left-turn signals at Riddell and Alder, and Riddell and Spencer, in both directions. Staff is also to report back as soon as possible on the cost of a consultant to complete a thorough study of the geometry of the intersection at Spencer and Riddell. Consideration will also be given to a roundabout solution used by the Region of Waterloo at a particular intersection.

Traffic calming measures – Council passed a motion to have staff bring forward recommendations on other traffic calming measures to be considered across the Town.

2020 budget approved – After a review of changes made to the budget and a further discussion, Council approved the budget with a net tax levy of $36,053,171 – a 1.5 percent increase. Council members added $30,000 to install a metal roof at Orangeville’s SPCA building and $10,000 to facilitate three-stream recycling bins and add two locations to the system. Prior to the expenditure of funds allocated in the 2020 capital budget for a fire station staff is to report back to Council on the proposed location and design.

Waterworks & wastewater budgets approved – Council passed a motion to approve

the 2020 waterworks budget of $7,505,324 and the wastewater budget of $6,402,119.

Soap box derby – The Town has agreed to partner and provide in-kind support to a not-for-profit group or service club that is willing to host and organize a soap box derby event.