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Sep 24, 2019 | Information Technology | General

Data Orangeville, a source of key municipal information, is now live for free public access. Data Orangeville is a Town website with a gallery of data-driven maps and apps (or tools), demo videos for those tools, and access to open data. You can learn about heritage buildings, mark up a map, find a park, report an issue about a street light, see election statistics, view planning applications and land use zoning.

The Town has launched more than 30 applications for public use on its Data Orangeville/Geographic Information System (GIS). You can find mapping systems for just about everything at your fingertips. These tools have improved internal processes and increased access to Town data for everyone. It allows people to easily navigate government information and to find answers and share ideas.

Data Orangeville/GIS has empowered Town staff with improved records maintenance tools that are simple to use and directly connected to data views available to the public. This includes street tree maintenance records, heritage building records, road needs assessment, snow plow routes, development charges calculator, transit routes and stops, tree sculpture tour and utility networks, to name a few. These are just a few examples of the Town’s applications that are readily available to everyone.

Orangeville’s GIS is already winning awards. In 2019, the Town won an Ontario Geospatial Award from the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Ontario for its GIS applications. The Town was awarded silver for the Best Public Sector GIS category. Orangeville’s Planning Information Portal (PIP) was also recognized with an “App of the Month” Award by Esri Canada.

Visit data.orangeville.ca for access to many great data-driven tools that enable users to get answers for themselves. The Town is continuously developing access to information.

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Planning Information Portal (PIP)

The Planning Information Portal (PIP) contains extensive information on land use planning, including zoning, official plan, flood zones, railway buffers, etc. The app will be updated with new features, such as new layers of information as they become available, land severances and provincial hearing decisions on development proposal appeals affecting properties.

Addresses & Properties Only

A basic reference map of property parcels and address points.

BIA Reference

Members of the Business Improvement Area

Schools and Crossing Guards

This is a reference of schools and school crossing guard locations throughout Orangeville.

Development Charge Areas

Sometimes costs are recovered for specific infrastructure projects. New developments that utilize the infrastructure are charged a fee prior to construction

Dufferin County Road Analysis

This analysis of the Dufferin County road network looks at road lengths, road types, and road directions, for both the county as a whole and individual municipalities.

Election Analysis (2018)

An in-depth look at the 2018 Municipal Election with more than just the winners. A voter turnout and location analysis, countwide comparisons, historical participation, and more.

Election Boundary and  Address Look-up (2018)

A simple app that allows you to look u- an address and determine which election boundary it is in.

Façade Grant Program

Properties and their participation in the Façade Grant Program. Read all about the façade program in Orangeville in the About tab of the application.

Heritage Buildings

This web map shows all heritage building records managed by Heritage Orangeville and highlights various aspects of the buildings, including designation, year built, and style.

Heritage Orangeville Building Summary

This application provides a one-page summary of all the data that Heritage Orangeville collects for public records, including photos and a location map. This page can be printed neatly to a pdf or hard copy.

Location Map

Create your own location map reference highlighting properties and adding mark-up. Then export your reference map to pdf and use it in your presentations and reports.

Mark-up Map Maker

This app allows you to draw shapes and text all over the map and save it for later use. Need to mock up some building plan ideas or see how big of a shed or pool might fit in your back yard, then this app is for you.

Parks Locator

Search for parks and recreation areas in Orangeville. See all of the amenities available for each park and get directions. Also, use the filters to find parks with baseball diamonds, soccer fields with lights, accessible playgrounds, etc.

Planning Applications

This app provides an overview of all open planning applications submitted to the Town of Orangeville. Using a filter, you can also view all past applications that are now closed.

Plow Routes

This app includes snow plow routes and winter maintenance, as well as sanding routes, loader routes, and sidewalk plow routes.

Registered Plans Reference

A visual reference and index for Registered Plans in Orangeville.

Road Closures

The road closures app is a simple reference of all issues affecting regular road traffic and routes throughout Orangeville. These temporary road closures, detours and road blocks are required for both planned and unplanned activities.

Road Needs Assessment 2015

The Road Needs Study is a valuable tool for municipalities to manage their road system, and documents the existing road infrastructure as well as providing a means of monitoring the condition of the system.

Source Water Protection

This public reference identifies the Vulnerabilities and Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs) relating to any individual property in the Town of Orangeville.

Street Lights

Have you come across a street light that is out, or has an issue? Submit it to the Town and Orangeville Hydro to get it fixed. Also, take note of the amount of LED conversions that have taken place, and those which are left.

Transit Routes & Stops

Orangeville Transit routes and stops.

Time Traveller

View imagery for the Orangeville area for 2008, 2010, 2015, and 2018.  This is a simple reference to see changes in time. Note that in many other applications you can choose any of these imagery layers as your “base map” and view them with other content in your map.

Tree Sculptures Tour

Take a look at the Art Walk of Tree Sculptures app that allows you to view an interactive map of the art on the streetscape, complete with photos and stories. Feel free to check in and share your own photos through Facebook.

Vacant Lands 2016

This application shows vacant lands as of 2016, indicating the land designation, area, and if it is in the built boundary or greenspace.

Way-finding Signs

This application shows the inventory of way-finding signs throughout Orangeville.

Fish ON-Line (MNRF)

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry provides this interactive map that shows waterbodies, fish sanctuaries, boat launches, lake depth contours, fisheries management zones, licence issuers, and more.

LEED Buildings

A map of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings, available on the Canadian Green Building Council – Greater Toronto Chapter website.

Dufferin Waste Schedule

Dufferin County waste collection schedule. Users can find the waste pick-up day that applies to their property.

MTO Road Maps

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has a selection of soft copy road maps available to download that show major roads throughout Ontario.

Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs Trail Map

The OFSC provides this web map where you can find all snowmobile trails in Ontario. Learn about their status and find services close to the trails.

Orangeville Hydro Outage Map

This map shows outages when outages are occurring. If no map is shown there is nothing to worry about. You can also submit an issue.

Orangeville Hydro Customer Connect

Customer Connect is a new product that allows users to track Time of Use and consumption data. In order to access this new tool, user must register a new account.

World Wind Map

This stunning visual of current wind data is a fun interactive map that provides great information. The link highlights the Town of Orangeville and gives co-ordinates with current wind speed and direction displayed in the lower left. Click on the “earth” link to access a multitude of options and have fun.