Enter the Ontario Indie Author Contest

Are you an Indie author based in Ontario? Do you need to reach a wider audience with your adult fiction or YA novel? From now until May 31, you can submit it to the Ontario Author Project for a chance to win a $500 cash prize and promotional opportunities.

The contest builds on the Orangeville Public Library’s support for local writers. In addition to the library’s annual Words the Orangeville Way literary festival and the library’s partnership with the Headwaters’ Writers’ Guild, the library offers an eBook publishing service called BiblioBoard for local authors. BiblioBoard offers three ways for Indie authors to publish and share their stories.

Writers can use Pressbooks to design their work in digital and print-ready formats. The program includes cover artwork and book themes to give a self-published book a professional quality.

Once the e-Pub and PDF are created, the next step is up to the writer. The book can be for personal use, distribution to friends and family, or even as a submission to a traditional publisher or an online retail site such as Amazon.

There is an option to upload the book onto BiblioBoard’s SELF-e platform. SELF-e is designed to expose local authors to public library readers. Books designed in Pressbooks or any other ePub file can be uploaded to the Indie Ontario Collection. Readers in public libraries throughout Ontario can then access the book for download without any wait.

By submitting a book through SELF-e, authors can earn readers and build a buzz around their book. There is even the opportunity for national exposure. The best eBooks on SELF-e receive the Library Journal Select distinction and will be added to library collections across Canada!

The third pillar allows readers to discover local self-published authors through the library’s website. They can enjoy great reads online through BiblioBoard or download the Biblioboard Library app on a mobile device to read on the go! As an added bonus, BiblioBoard also has substantial collections of primary source documents such as books, articles, and photos.

So if you are a local author looking to expand your audience, now is the time to check out BiblioBoard. Enter the Ontario Author Project contest by submitting an ePub or PDF format before May 31 using the link on the library’s website (authors can submit at indieauthorproject.librariesshare.com/ontario).

Winners in each category will receive $500 as well as:

  • Inclusion in Indie Ontario on BiblioBoard Library
  • Honours at the 2020 Public Library Association Conference in Nashville, TN
  • Opportunities to promote the winning title at Ontario public libraries
  • Inclusion in a full page spread in Library Journal, one of America’s oldest and most renowned trade publications for library news

For Indie-published authors, the contest is a fantastic prospect to elevate their careers. Along with the accolade of the award and its perks, being recognized by librarians creates credibility and visibility in the growing marketplace of digital content and Indie-published books. Winning authors will reach hundreds of new readers via the library, and can leverage being an award-winning Indie author for future publishing opportunities.

The Ontario Author Project contest is presented in partnership with Library Journal and BiblioBoard. BiblioBoard is part of the Orangeville Public Library’s commitment to support local writers. We encourage local authors to explore this exciting new way to publish and share their stories.