Seven new members elected to Orangeville Council

Oct 22, 2018 | Council | General

The municipal election in Orangeville ended in a clean sweep with seven new elected officials. None of them have previously been elected to office. Sandy Brown was a clear choice with the electorate as Mayor with 3,413 votes followed by opponent Darrin Davidson (2,914 votes) and incumbent Mayor Jeremy D Williams (1,477 votes).

The new Deputy Mayor is Andy Macintosh, the former fire chief. He defeated Councillor Nick Garisto who was vying for the position left vacant by retiring Deputy Mayor Warren Maycock. The vote was 5,685 to 2,014.

Rounding out the Council roster, in the position of Councillor, is Todd Taylor who topped the polls with 4,913 votes, followed by Grant Peters with 4,204 votes, Debbie Sherwood with 3,742 votes, Joe Andrews with 3,588 votes and Lisa Post with 3,528 votes.

Results are now official. Voter turnout was 38.9 percent, compared to 39.3 percent in 2014.

“I think the citizens of Orangeville did a good job researching and selecting this Council,” said Mayor-elect Sandy Brown, following the results. “I look forward to working with the candidates who were elected. They have some real world business and community experience; they are a collaborative and strong group.”

Mayor Jeremy D Williams has served for eight years; Deputy Mayor Warren Maycock has served for 18 years; Councillor Gail Campbell served for 21 years and has been elected to the Upper Grand District School Board, Councillor Nick Garisto served for 13 years, Councillor Sylvia Bradley served for 12 years, Councillor Scott Wilson served for 12 years, and Councillor Don Kidd served for four years.

The new term of Orangeville Council will commence December 1, 2018, with the inaugural Council meeting set for December 3 in the Opera House at Town Hall and a reception in the atrium. The first business meeting of Orangeville Council will be held December 10 at 7 p.m. in the newly-renovated Council Chambers in Town Hall at 87 Broadway.