Council supports eliminating use of plastic straws

Jul 13, 2018 | Council | General | Public Notice

Plastic straws in your drink seem simple and functional but are now viewed as needless pollution. The Town of Orangeville has joined the growing movement to reduce, and possibly eliminate, plastic straws.

Why pick on straws? They are among the most common plastic items found along beaches and in public spaces, according to conservationists.

Orangeville Council passed a motion on June 25, 2018 to support the elimination of plastic straws in Town and that local businesses be encouraged to provide alternative options to reduce plastic straw waste. The motion states that local business patrons be encouraged to decline plastic straws, that the Town phase out the use of plastic straws in all of its facilities in favour of biodegradable straws (after existing inventory is used).

The preamble notes that paper straws decompose within 45-60 days and that several local businesses are voluntarily eliminating the use of plastic straws or reducing the use b providing them to customers only on request.

Plastic straws are not compostable or biodegradable, but instead break down into smaller pieces which are then ingested by land and sea animals and can eventually make their way into our food chain and clean water supply. The City of Vancouver recently reported that Canadians throw out about 57 million straws every day, and plastic straws and stir sticks make up about three per cent of shoreline litter in Vancouver.