Residents sponsor community tree sculpture near park

A unique tree sculpture, depicting community activities in Village Green Park, has been installed on Hewitt Street. The sculpture, entitled "Community Spirit", was made possible thanks to a donation by Debbie and Carmen Ritter, residents of the neighbourhood.

The sculpture, created out of a rescued ash tree, captures the nature of the area and the recreation activities that can be seen in the park. The 12-foot sculpture features a raccoon, squirrel and owl, and some oversized leaves, to transition to the symbols for the park – a single skate, a frisbee, hockey stick, and soccer ball. The lowest portion of the sculpture features a community symbol with people holding hands to represent the community spirit fostered by the park’s activities.

The sculpture was funded by the Ritters who say they have enjoyed Orangeville’s tree sculpture program over the years and decided to sponsor a sculpture in their area of Town. Now Hewitt Street will be on the Orangeville Art Walk of Tree Sculptures. The sculpture will be enjoyed by everyone who visits the park and those who live in the neighbourhood.

The sculpture, at 56 Hewitt Street, was carved by artists Jim and Cam Menken of Mono. Jim Menken has had a life-long interest in art and started carving trees in 2003. A former teacher, Mr. Menken has made carving his full-time passion and career for the past 13 years. His son Cam is in his third year of carving full-time.

Orangeville’s Art Walk of Tree Sculpture features the work of 19 different artists and more than 50 sculptures. The Tourism Development and Marketing Plan recognized the Art Walk of Tree Sculptures as a tourism demand generator for the community.

For more information on Orangeville’s Art Walk of Tree Sculptures please call 519-941-0440 Ext. 2253 or email [email protected].