Mythical creature returns to Broadway

The dragon tree sculpture, at 38 Broadway, has always been a piece of art that warrants a second glance.

The sculpture was one of two that was created by Paul Frenette of Kitchener more than a decade ago for the Town of Orangeville. But due to decay the sculpture depicting a dragon wrapped around a castle was removed last fall. Now the artist has created a new dragon sculpture, entitled the “Dragon Timber”, to replace the former piece of art.

These mythical creatures are a long-time favourite of artist Paul Frenette. He and his son Jacob, both of Kitchener, carved the striking sculpture, with the assistance of Saskatoon artist Doug Lingelbach. They interpret the piece as the dragon rising from his hoard of wood to reach the peak of an obelisk to scout the land. “The dragon is constantly on the lookout for travellers in search of a doorway from this world’s reality into fantasy,” Paul Frenette says.

The Dragon Timber was brought to life from an 11-foot White Pine log that was destined for firewood and is now recycled into art. The Dragon Timber’s main body, wings and the obelisk were sculpted from the main log about 11 x 3 feet with an extrusion about 52 inches for the wings. The neck and head were sculpted separately and then attached to the sculpture. The eyes were brought to life with an airbrushing technique.

Paul and Jacob Frenette are known as “The Carver Kings” and are extreme sport chainsaw sculptors. In addition to taking on custom commissions and stump carving jobs, they compete in competitions all over the world and put on chainsaw shows at various events throughout Canada.

Paul Frenette, has been carving for 15 years and ranks in the top carvers in Canada.  He has competed and won or placed in world class competitions with the best of the best.  Paul was also a TV personality on the TV show spinoff of “Timber Kings -- Carver Kings” on HGTV and “SAW Dogs” on OLN.

Jacob Frenette, Paul’s son, has been carving full-time for four years now but has been doing shows with him for over 10 years.  He was also on the TV show Carver Kings as a carving apprentice. Jacob is on the road to becoming a top carver in Canada. Jacob is also competing in the general competitions and has won or placed in and above his class of carver.

In recent years and since the TV show Carver Kings, there has been a growing demand for carving shows and demonstrations at community events as the awareness of chainsaw carving has grown. Chainsaw carving has evolved as entertainment and an art form. Carving shows are a draw for all ages. Check out the Frenettes’ work at www.carverkings.com.

Orangeville’s Art Walk of Tree Sculpture features the work of 19 artists and more than 50 sculptures. The Tourism Development and Marketing Plan recognized the Art Walk of Tree Sculptures as a tourism demand generator for the community.

For more information on Orangeville’s Art Walk of Tree Sculptures please call 519-941-0440 Ext. 2253 or email [email protected].