New growth in Town reduces 2018 tax impact

Dec 22, 2017 | Finance | General

There’s some good news for Orangeville taxpayers at year-end. The amount of growth in Orangeville in 2017 will provide a bit of a break for taxpayers in 2018.

MPAC has provided assessment totals for 2018. The result for Orangeville shows a higher rate of growth than anticipated due to new homes and businesses during the year.

The Town’s taxable growth for 2018 has come in at 1.59 percent bettering the previous forecast of 1 percent. As a result, the 2018 budgeted tax impact is reduced to 3.04 percent from the previous estimate of 3.63 percent.

“It’s a positive for our Town’s taxpayers,” said Treasurer Marc Villeneuve.  “With the ongoing building activity, we anticipate continued growth in the short to medium term.”