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Town reminds residents about open air burning bylaw

Thinking of having a backyard campfire this summer? Don’t forget the Town of Orangeville open air burning bylaw recognizes the sensitivity of some groups of people to the smoke caused by outdoor fires. Orangeville residents must apply to obtain a burn permit from the Town of Orangeville Fire Department. Requirements, as of 2017, include regulated distances as before, but may disallow open air fires on properties in close proximity to “standing sensitive receptors” such as seniors’ residences, long-term care facilities or health care facilities.

The rules exist to accommodate those who may have an increased sensitivity to smoke and smells in the air. The bylaw is intended to promote public health and safety, and does not apply to grilling appliances such as propane, charcoal or wood pellet barbecues.

Under the bylaw, anyone can apply to be placed on the Sensitive Receptor Registry, but they must re-apply annually. Open air burning will not be permitted within 75 metres of a standing sensitive receptor, or within 45 metres from a voluntary sensitive receptor registrant’s property line. In general, open air fires must be at least three metres from buildings, property lines, vegetation, overhead wires, etc.

Burn permits will be issued by the Orangeville Fire Department, located at 10 Dawson Road, during regular business hours for those who qualify. The application process includes an inspection to ensure compliance with the bylaw, and the suitability of the proposed fire location. Permits must be applied for annually (at least 48 hours ahead of the first planned fire), and expire at the end of the calendar year.

Residents can learn about open air burning by visiting the Town of Orangeville’s website at

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