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Orangeville receives funding for two projects

Jun 26, 2017 | Public Works | General

Two Orangeville infrastructure projects have receiving funding under the Canada-Ontario Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) agreement which is designed to improve the safety and quality of water for Canadian families, while supporting a clean economy.

Up to $570 million of federal funding and $270 million in provincial funding was allocated for Ontario, with the federal government funding up to 50 percent and the provincial government funding up to 25 percent of eligible project costs. The recipients fund the remaining costs of the projects.

The Town of Orangeville will receive up to $1.2 million for the replacement of cast iron watermain and an asbestos cement sanitary sewer on Maple Crescent. The road will also be fully reconstructed because of this work. The Town’s $400,000 contribution to this project will be funded from the general capital reserve. Reconstruction of Maple Crescent is expected to start in late August or early September.

The Town will also receive up to $198,750 for the replacement and upgrade of the debris removal system in the inlet works at the Water Pollution Control Plant. The existing compactor has failed several times over the past few years and turnaround time for parts can range from a couple of weeks to several months. Replacing and upgrading the debris removal system will also help minimize repairs and maintenance requirements to mechanical components throughout the plant that result from the compactor failures. The Town will contribute $66,250 to this project from wastewater rates reserves to take advantage of the CWWF grant.  Work will commence this summer.