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Orangeville Fire Department responds to early morning structure fire

Mar 22, 2017 | Fire | General | Safety/Emergency

The Orangeville Fire Department responded to a residential fire on Orange Street early this morning.  Crews arrived on scene and extinguished the fire quickly, minimizing damage to the home. The limited fire damage can be attributed to the family getting early warning of the fire and implementing their home escape plan. As the family exited the home they closed the doors behind them. This prevented the growth and spread of the fire.

“We want to remind families that fire can happen at any time,” said Fire Chief Ronald Morden. “People need to give themselves a chance to escape a fire in their home. This means installing working smoke alarms and developing and practicing a home escape plan with everyone that lives in the home to ensure they know how to get out quickly.”

Chief Morden cautions residents that studies indicate survivability of a fire is greatly increased when working smoke alarms provide early warning of a fire condition and occupants evacuate their home within the first minute.

Here are some very simple things that you should know and do to protect your family:

  • Install smoke alarms on every storey and outside all sleeping areas
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms outside each sleeping area if you have fuel-fired appliances or an attached garage
  • Prepare, practice and implement a home fire safety plan
  • Replace your alarms every 10 years or according to manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to know that when replacing hard-wired alarms, they cannot be replaced with battery-only alarms
  • Change the batteries annually
  • Test your alarms monthly by pressing the test button