Island Lake with blades of green grass in the front on a nice sunny day

Downed trees and power lines due to ice storm

It’s an icy and cold day in the Orangeville area, with numerous downed trees and power lines.

Orangeville’s Public Works Department reports that a couple of wells are running on back-up generators and that work crews are clearing debris, sanding and salting.

Tree limbs, laden with ice and overhanging sidewalks and public areas, are a concern today. The public is advised to stay away from overhanging limbs, particularly if the wind picks up later. Where there is the potential hazard of large limbs falling, the Public Works Department is clearing intersections with sidewalk clearing equipment only.

Staff worked throughout the night to maintain the main roads and respond to reports of fallen branches and trees. Some streets may not be plowed as residents parked their vehicles on the road to avoid trees coming down on their vehicles. The older areas such as Amanda, Wellington cannot be plowed due to low hanging Hydro lines.  The Town’s contractor has two crews in this morning. Today’s priority is the removal of trees and limbs off roads, driveways, and sidewalks, as well as hazardous hanging limbs.

Orangeville Hydro reports that crews are still responding to emergency wires calls with respect to wires down and wires on roads. As those issues are cleared, power is being restored. There have been widespread outages in Orangeville.  There are multiple pockets (2-40 homes) that are currently being restored. Crews will focus on single home issues (wires down in back yards) once other areas have been restored.

Orangeville Hydro further notes that if the winds pick up the community can expect significant outages again. Stay safe and prepare for further outages until warmer weather melts the ice.

Acting Fire Chief Ron Morden advises not to use propane barbecues or generators indoors and not to leave candles unattended. The Fire Department responded to approximately 50 calls Thursday night and continues to respond to emergency calls.

The Town has closed two parks due to the potential danger of overhanging limbs. Alexandra Park and Kay Cee Gardens are closed to the public. It’s best to stay out of all park/open space areas with trees. And stay away from downed power lines.