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LED street light conversion to start soon

Sep 10, 2015 | Public Works | General

The Town of Orangeville, in partnership with Real Term Energy and Orangeville Hydro, will commence the LED street light conversion program in September 2015.

Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps offer a longer life span and improved reliability. The Town is installing LED lamps to replace the existing the Town’s inventory of mainly high-pressure sodium fixtures. The LED lamps also use less than half of the electricity required for the fixtures currently in use.

LEDs produce a clear, white light that improves night visibility and community safety. The beams of LED lights are more targeted than traditional streetlights, focusing the beam directly on the streets and roadways and significantly helping to reduce light pollution.

The Town will upgrade all of its existing street lights with new modern LED fixtures.  Orangeville Hydro will undertake the work, changing out approximately 2,225 lights throughout the Town. Annual savings from the conversion program are expected to be about $170,000 per year. This translates into an annual energy and maintenance cost reduction of approximately $75 per fixture.

The field work is anticipated to take approximately three months to complete with full switchover finished before the end of 2015.