With the warmer weather’s arrival, the Town of Orangeville’s Parks and Public Works teams have begun work on the Town’s spring maintenance programs, addressing issues that arise as the temperatures shift with the season.

Some of these processes can take months to complete, while others take just a few weeks. The Town recognizes these issues are important to its residents and has provided information on how spring maintenance issues are addressed. 

Several steps are included in the Town’s spring maintenance actions, including:

  • Street sweeping – Once the snow is melted, the Town’s contractor performs an initial sweep of all streets, beginning with main arteries like Broadway and Town Line, then moving to residential areas. After the first sweep is completed, the Town’s sweepers continue regular maintenance of the roads. 
  • Potholes – Although the Town addresses potholes year-round, patching is ramped up in the spring to address the additional potholes that develop as the season shifts. 
  • Damaged and shifted sidewalks – All sidewalks are reviewed and assessed, and areas determined as a tripping hazard will be marked with orange spray paint or flags. We may not be able to repair all sidewalks annually, so the orange paint helps create awareness of the problem for residents. Repairs are prioritized based on the severity and extent of the damage.
  • Damaged grass from plows – Damage to Town boulevard grass caused by the sidewalk plows is assessed. When the weather is warm enough, the Town will begin to lay topsoil and grass seed on identified areas. Once the seed has been laid, it should be watered regularly.
  • Park/trail cleanup – Parks staff start with parks and trails in the west end of Town and begin cleanup and playground inspections, working their way east. This includes picking up litter, identifying any equipment in need of repair or cleaning, and preparing for park use.
  • Dog waste – The Town of Orangeville does not pick up dog waste. We strongly encourage residents to clean up after their dogs as per the Town's Animal Bylaw 68-2000. Dog waste is compostable -- when you put the waste in a compostable bag, do your part by taking it home to your green bin.

The Town asks for residents’ patience as we move through our regular spring maintenance program. All areas of Town will be serviced in due time.

Need to report damages or other issues related to spring maintenance?

For sidewalks, grass damage and potholes contact: Public Works – 519-941-0440 ext 4500 or [email protected].

For park/trail cleanup or for community organizations/groups interested in cleaning local parks and trails contact: Parks and Facilities at [email protected]

Want to learn more? Visit orangeville.ca/springmaintenance