Orangeville Fire is advising residents to contact the service regarding any restrictions governing open air burning, before starting any fires.

“With spring outdoor clean-up starting and warmer weather finally here, we know some folks are excited to sit around the backyard fire and burn brush and yard debris on their property,” said Fire Chief Ronald Morden. “Cleaning up debris and limiting the level of flammable vegetation surrounding your home is good practice. But make sure the way you do it is safe – for you, your home, your neighbours and the surrounding area.”

Orangeville Council adopted an open air by-law in January 2017. The by-law is intended to promote public health and safety, and to protect the welfare of residents from air pollution, nuisances and fire hazards associated with open air burning. For more information, residents can refer to By-law #110-2016.

A burn permit is always required before lighting a fire. To obtain a burn permit you should attend the Orangeville Fire Service located at 10 Dawson Road, and apply. To have your permit approved you must have an inspection completed by Orangeville Fire. During this inspection, staff will check for compliance to the by-law with respect to the location and condition of the fire bowl, chiminea or outdoor fireplace, and ensure there are no obstructions in the area. Permit holders must renew their permits every calendar year. Fees are $30 per year (cash or cheque only).

The fire chief may declare a total ban against outdoor burning when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make outdoor burning hazardous. “Before you decide to light your fire, you must check the Town of Orangeville website or visit the Town offices to ensure there has not been a burn ban issued,” said Chief Morden. “Open air burning, especially if left unattended, can become difficult to control and can result in a serious widespread fire.”

Always keep fire safety in mind. Contact Orangeville Fire at 519-941-3083 Ext. 6521 or email for more information about open air burning requirements.