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Burn Permits

Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 Pandeminc, our building at 10 Dawson Road is closed to public access.


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Changes in 2020 Burn Permit Applications due to COVID-19 Pandemic

To have a burn permit approved, you must ensure your property meets the requirements of the Outdoor Fire Bylaw . The Orangeville Fire Service will not be attending properties to perform the usual routine inspections to ensure compliancy due to COVID-19, however depending on if you have had a permit before or are applying for the first time, there will be a temporary process to apply and receive an burn permit in the Town of Orangeville.


Important Points for Applications for Permits in 2020…


  • Permit holders who have had a recent inspection in 2019 or 2018 can be considered to have their inspection waived for 2020.
  • It is important for new applicants check for compliance to the bylaw in regard to the location and condition of the fire bowl, chiminea or outdoor fireplace, and to ensure that are no obstructions in the area.
  • New permit applicants will be required to email photos, videos and/or drawings when requested.


Frequently asked questions…


How much is a burn permit, and how can I pay with the current COVID 10 pandemic situation?

  • The cost of a burn permit is $30. Payments can be made by credit card or cheques can be mailed/dropped off in the mailbox at 10 Dawson Road. We cannot accept debit, cash or email money transfers.


What can I burn in my fire?

  • Only clean and dry wood can be burned. Yard waste, tree fall, and other waste is strictly prohibited. A burn permit can be revoked and bylaw changes can be laid for failure to comply with the by-law.


How long is a burn permit valid for?

  • Burn permits are for the calendar year, expiring every December 31st.


When can I have a fire?

  • Burning is permitted between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. only. Do not burn during smog alerts, fog, rain or dry condition. Watch The Town of Orangeville website, and Orangeville Fire Service social media to ensure there is not a burn ban.


What if I don’t follow the bylaw regulations?

  • A burn permit can be revoked for failure to comply with the by-law. At the digression of the Fire Chief and Town of Orangeville Bylaw charges can also be laid.


Where can I place my burning container to ensure it meets the requirements?

  • The burning container must be 3.0 metres (9 feet, 10 inches) from any building, structure, property line, tree, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wire, other combustible article or obstruction.


Be sure read the Town of Orangeville's Outdoor Fire Bylaw and if you have any questions contact us, we're happy to help!


If you’re ready to request an application for your 2020 Burn Permit, please fill out this form:

Burn Permit Application Request

Applicants must reside in the home, be of age, and are responsible for the permit. There is a maximum of two applicant names.

Please be advised that rental homes, townhouse or townhomes, and/or homes that contain apartments are restricted, and unable to obtain a burn permit.

By law, smoke alarms MUST BE located on every level of your home. In addition, you need to be aware that smoke alarms have expiry dates, and if your smoke alarm is expired, we WILL NOT approve your permit. If there is no manufacturer label with expiry date on your smoke alarm, you need to consider it expired.

By law, Carbon Monoxide alarms must be located on every level of the home that has sleeping areas/bedrooms. These alarms also have expiry dates and if your CO alarm is expired, we WILL NOT approve your permit. If there is no manufacturer label with expiry date on your CO alarm, it is considered expired.

If you haven't checked your smoke alarms within the last month, please do so before applying.

Please ensure you have the space required in the bylaw prior to submitting this application.

Please add any questions or comments, and we will answer your questions when we respond.