The Town of Orangeville has unveiled two new tree sculptures on Broadway. The coyotes are howling at 216 Broadway, in front of the post office. The eye-catching sculpture is carved out of white pine and took more than a week to complete.

Up the street, at 305 Broadway, is a whimsical sculpture of pelicans. They look like they are sitting on individual posts but the sculpture’s elements are all carved from one log, of white pine. This sculpture also took more than a week to complete.

Both sculptures are the work of Mono artist Jim Menken who has had a life-long interest in art and started carving trees in 2003. A former teacher, Mr. Menken has made carving his full-time passion and career for the past 15 years.

“The arts are an important part of our community,” says Mayor Sandy Brown. “These sculptures will serve to showcase Broadway, enrich our urban landscape and inspire future artists.”

For more information on Orangeville’s Art Walk of Tree Sculptures, call 519-941-0440 ext. 2253 or email The tree sculptures are open for public viewing at all times and a digital tour is also available.