The Town of Orangeville has remained committed to creating a brand-new aquatics experience for the community to enjoy and is continuing to work diligently to complete the reconstruction of the leisure and lap pools at Alder Recreation Centre. 

Unfortunately, throughout the project there have been numerous delays and challenges that have arisen. Despite these challenges, the Town is now moving into the final stages of construction. See video update on the construction here. 

“As with any project, you do your best to plan according to how you think it may go, but we’ve had to adjust the renovation timeline based on challenges and supply chain issues,” explained Heather Savage, General Manager, Community Services. “Lots of materials are required to build one of Canada’s largest stainless-steel pool basins, and these are sourced from all over the world.”

The reconstruction will see a total redevelopment of the lap pool, which has been expanded to eight lanes and includes ramp access, as well as a new concept for the leisure pool, including wide gradual entry steps, a jet area, an indoor splash pad, and a water slide.

Some quick facts about the new pools:

  • A new state-of-the-art filtration system is being installed that will be 90-95 per cent more efficient than traditional filters. This means we only need to backwash once a month and never have to change filter media. 
  • The basin is made from 100 per cent stainless steel.
  • A new chloramine exhaust system will be installed that pulls chloramines directly from the pool perimeter. This system means the smell of chlorine in the air will be greatly reduced.
  • High-efficiency filtration means the pool will be a net zero product within a few years of operation and the initial installation will have over 90 per cent less of a carbon footprint than traditional pools

A new addition will include the opportunity to rent the pool area for birthday parties. It will also be the proud home to the Orangeville Otters Swim Club.

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