Residents encouraged to take steps to prepare for emergencies

May 7 to 13 is Emergency Preparedness Week, and the Town of Orangeville and Dufferin County are emphasizing the importance of planning and preparing for emergencies through a joint campaign.

“When an emergency strikes, having an action plan and the right tools can help keep your family and your home safer,” said Orangeville Mayor Lisa Post. “This Emergency Preparedness Week, I encourage you to take the time to help your family understand the importance of being prepared at home.”

Staff from the Town of Orangeville and Dufferin County worked together to create a video highlighting some important things to remember ahead of an emergency:

The joint campaign includes the following key ways residents can prepare for an emergency:

Keep an emergency kit on hand.

An emergency kit should include three days of non-perishable food and first-aid items, a can-opener, flashlight, list of medications, important phone numbers, and copies of important documents such as personal identification, insurance, and wills.

When creating your emergency kit, remember to consider the needs of all family members, including babies, children, pets, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Create a home escape plan.

Knowing how and where to get out of your home is important for all members of your household. Include the whole family in creating a floor plan identifying all escapes (windows, doors, and other potential exits). Select a meeting spot away from your home that is accessible and practice your plan as a family.

Know the top hazards in your area.

Risks like flooding, extreme heat, and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent in Dufferin County.

Flooding happens quickly. If you have a sump pump, make sure to test it regularly and maintain your backwater valve. If possible, complete simple upgrades to your home to lower flood risks.

In high temperatures, reduce outdoor activity, drink lots of water, and remain in shaded or air-conditioned areas. Check on vulnerable loved ones and keep your pets cool.

In an extreme weather event, such as a tornado warning, ensure your family knows where they can go to stay safe, and remember to secure loose items in the event of high winds. Charge all electronics, such as cell phones, in advance of extreme weather, and be sure to check official sources for updates and warnings.

Stay informed from the right sources.

Reliable, timely, and accurate information is the key to staying safe. Follow your local municipal government and partners on social media for updates on road closures, travel advisories, power outages, and tips on storm preparation. Verify anything you are unsure about.

“When we are aware of the risks our families and our community might face, we can take steps to prepare and protect ourselves,” added Dufferin County Warden Wade Mills. “Understanding the roles our municipalities play in addressing emergencies is also key, helping direct residents to who to contact and where to look for reliable and accurate updates during an emergency.”

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