Orangeville residents are about to get a real good look at when their neighbourhood streets were last cleared of snow by municipal crews. The Town has launched an online tool that will show residents the status of Town roads and sidewalks by using the fleet’s location technology.

The Snow Removal Tracker will show the public when the snowplows, loaders, and sidewalk plows are out and how recently they visited an area on a map. In fact, you can see the icons moving around the map when they are active real-time. This enables you to see what has been plowed recently and where the plows are located. Please note that when it’s not snowing the equipment is not operating and the map will sit empty.

Additionally, a snow removal dashboard outlines the percentage of streets and sidewalks that have been plowed and sanded during the pre-set 12, 24, 48, and 72-hour time frames.

“The Town of Orangeville is stepping up its game,” said Mayor Sandy Brown. “The IT division, in partnership with Infrastructure Services, has been working on a number of GIS/GPS initiatives including tracking where our winter maintenance equipment is. The announcement of a snowplow app which will allow residents to monitor progress of snow removal operations is the beginning of a new era in communication and engagement with our residents. The Town is working on a new website which when launched will be a great source of information for all things Orangeville.”

The tool has been launched and is available on Data Orangeville on the Orangeville website. View the app at

Information on Data Orangeville continues to evolve and during this initial phase the Town is looking for feedback so the public is invited to provide comments by emailing [email protected].