Variety of options continue to be available for just 25 cents at Mill Street Library

In June, the Orangeville Food Bank partnered with the Town of Orangeville and Orangeville Public Library to launch a community vending machine. The machine was housed in Town Hall temporarily until construction was completed at the Mill Street branch of the Orangeville Public Library.

The healthy food vending machine has now moved to its permanent home at the Mill Street Library, which re-opened on November 21. The branch was selected based on its location as a central downtown point, as the Food Bank itself is located in the west end of Orangeville.

“We’re excited to welcome the healthy food vending machine to the Mill Street Library,” said Darla Fraser, Orangeville Public Library CEO. “I hope that our patrons and the community will take advantage of this unique, nutritious, low-cost opportunity.”

All the machine’s offerings - veggie sticks, wraps, salads, and sandwiches, for example – are prepared by the food bank’s community kitchen and cost just 25 cents.

“Our goal is to continually innovate and explore new ways to remove barriers to accessing food and reduce food insecurity,” said Heather Hayes, executive director of the Orangeville Food Bank. “We’re excited to continue this partnership with the Town and library.”

By providing easy access to affordable food options, this vending machine will help work towards reducing the stigma around using the food bank in our community.

The Lawrence Schafer Foundation donated $10,000 to launch the project, providing funds for the required food and packaging supplies. The vending machine itself was donated by a volunteer of the food bank, and the community has made significant donations to the program, with an additional $9,000 raised since July 1.