The Town of Orangeville’s flags will fly at half-mast in recognition of the passing of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who died at the age of 84 on February 29.

The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, who served as Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, died peacefully and surrounded by family, daughter Caroline Mulroney noted in a social post on Thursday.

Mulroney served as Prime Minister from 1984 until 1993, when he resigned as PC Party leader ahead of the election.

“He loved Canada and devoted his life to making our country a better place,” said Mayor Lisa Post. “His contributions to Canada will always be remembered, and many of his decisions brought Canada to the world stage in the fight for the environment and trade. On behalf of Council and staff, I offer our sincere condolences.”

There were many notable moments throughout Mulroney’s career as Prime Minister, some considered controversial, others identifying Canada as a country with firm stances on heavier issues around the world.

In order to tackle the manufacturers’ sales tax, which Mulroney felt put Canadian exporters at a disadvantage, he negotiated the first free-trade agreement with the United States. This agreement would eventually expand into the creation of NAFTA.

Despite Canada’s allies of conservative leaders in the US (Ronald Reagan) and England (Margaret Thatcher) refusing to take a stance against South Africa, Mulroney spoke out vehemently against apartheid. Once elected, Mulroney worked to encourage sanctions on the South African government that would apply pressure for the country to eliminate the caste system and release Mandela from prison.

In 2006, Mulroney was said to be the greenest prime minister in Canadian history, and is remembered for his work on the Canada-U.S. acid rain treaty, and the introduction of the Environmental Protections Act. He also created eight new national parks.

The Town’s flags will remain at half-mast until sunset on the day of Mulroney’s funeral or memorial service in accordance with national protocol.