The public is reminded to maintain social distance and to not congregate in groups -- to protect yourselves and others from COVID-19.

The Orangeville Police Service and Orangeville By-law Enforcement will be monitoring the community.

Whether you’re in mandatory quarantine in your home or dealing with social distancing in public, the community depends on you to abide by the current rules. Group gatherings of more than five people are no longer tolerated, as keeping people apart is vital to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

These prohibitions apply to an event or gathering even if it is held at a private dwelling.  This means no house parties, yard parties, garage or driveway parties of more than five, no matter how well that you feel that you are socially distanced.

A provincial order was issued on March 30, 2020, closing all outdoor recreational amenities. No one is allowed to enter any park or school grounds at all with the exception of directly walking through the area.

When a police officer is conducting an investigation under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) a member of the public must identify themselves when identification is requested by the police.  Failing to identify carries a fine of $750 for failure to comply with an order made under the EMCPA or $1000 for obstructing any person in exercising a power if a ticket is issued.

It is important to remember that these are temporary powers provided through an emergency order to help law enforcement personnel carry out their duties as they deal with the extraordinary challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation.  As uncomfortable as these emergency orders may be, they are designed for the health and safety of all of us.

Complaints about non-compliance with the EMCPA should be directed to the Orangeville Police Service at 519-941-2522. Please contact the Orangeville Police Service directly, not via social media. Do not call 911.

The province’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act allows police and anyone else with designated enforcement powers to levy fines, which the province has pegged at $750 or more. All police forces will be enforcing these rules:

  • Fail to comply with an order made during a declared emergency. Fine $750/$880
  • Obstruct any person exercising a power in accordance with an order made during a declared emergency. Fine $1000/$1130
  • Obstruct any person performing a duty in accordance with an order made during a declared emergency. Fine$1000/$1130

We all have to do our part. This means maintaining a social distance, washing your hands, staying home and following emergency orders that are meant for our safety.