figure skate beside hockey skate

The Town constructs and maintains several outdoor ice rinks. Regular updates are provided on the Town’s website indicating which outdoor ice rinks are open. When a rink is closed, the public is asked to stay off the ice. For those that are open, please enjoy this winter activity and be sure to follow protocols. Keep in mind that rink operations are weather dependent and are also affected by snow accumulation and dependent upon people following the municipal regulations and COVID-19 protocols. 

Feb. 10 update: The Lions Sports Park rink is open, along with Idyllwilde, Tony Rose, Alder, and Princess of Wales rinks.

When the rinks are open for public use, participation restrictions are in effect during the pandemic. In consultation with Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and considering participation protocols, capacities for each rink are as follows:

Alder outdoor rink – 5

Kin Family Park outdoor rink – 5

Rebecca Hills Park outdoor rink– 5 (under construction)

Tony Rose outdoor rink – 10

Princess of Wales outdoor rink - 15

Idyllwilde Park rink - 20

Lions Sports Park rink – 25

Please be sure to maintain social distancing of 2 metres from other participants using the rink (excluding members of the same household). Team sports or other sports or games where people come into close contact with each other are not permitted. Rinks are unsupervised. Please use responsibly. Wearing a mask for extra protection is recommended.