Blackline Report Cover Image

The Town of Orangeville, in partnership with Blackline Consulting, has now completed an extensive organizational review to ensure the Town’s service delivery model is prepared to manage future growth.

John Naas, partner at Blackline Consulting, shared the review’s findings with Orangeville Council on November 27.

“Based on our analysis, it is evident that for the Town to efficiently manage growth, it should continue to focus on modernizing how it delivers services through process redesign and technology adoption,” Naas explained.

Key recommendations in the report include:

 -        Developing service level frameworks according to established resident expectations around service and communication;

-        Automating and digitizing processes; and

-        Developing plans and strategies to guide the Town’s future. 

The consultants used multiple sources to analyze the organization using a highly collaborative approach. The review evaluated services and service levels, assessed the sustainability of the current organizational structure and resources, and developed recommendations to manage growth and achieve greater efficiencies. 

The review also: 

-        Identifies common practices and key performance indicators;

-        Identifies improvements to processes;

-        Provides an implementation plan to achieve these recommendations;

-        Determines service delivery resources;

-        Provides a staffing plan for the next five years; and

-        Provides a methodology to review staff and compensation needs.

“Over the next five years, Orangeville is anticipated to realize modest growth,” added Naas. “Leveraging technology and moving away from manual, paper-based processes will allow the Town to maintain current service levels as that growth occurs.” 

Naas commented that the Town’s current organizational structure is well set-up in a way that allows for scaling in the future without any significant restructuring. 

“The review process revealed many things that are working well in the organization, including the existing structure and staffing resources,” said David Smith, Chief Administrative Officer. “Now, with the guidance received from Blackline through this review, we’ll move forward with modernization efforts.”