At its January 24 budget meeting, Council passed the Town of Orangeville’s 2023 budget, and with a 2.35 per cent tax levy, the increase on the average residential assessment will be less than $100.

The goal of Town staff and Council is to create a budget each year that balances the cost of providing Town services with the available financial resources.

“Over the last two years, as we navigated through the global pandemic, we have learned to be nimble and pivot, and that collective skill set will pay dividends as we navigate our way through an unstable economy,” said Nandini Syed, Treasurer. “The Town has a healthy tax base, a sizeable reserve, well-maintained investment and debt portfolios, ample liquidity in terms of cash flow, and a team of staff looking over Town’s finances.”

Each year, the budget is made up of two halves:

• The Capital Budget, which consists of items such as major infrastructure projects to keep facilities and roads operational, and community service projects like the work at the Alder Pool, the multi-use trail corridor, and libraries.

• The Operation Budget which includes finances required to keep the town running, such as salaries and OPP costs.

The 2023 budget is a total of $125.4 million, with $43.3 million in the operating budget and $82.1 million in the capital budget.

The Town of Orangeville also collects the taxes on behalf of the County of Dufferin and the Upper Grand District School Board.

“The 2023 budget finds a strong balance between a manageable and moderately low tax increase and proceeding with several community service and infrastructure projects that will enhance assets within our Town,” said Mayor Lisa Post. “With the completion of the Alder pools on the horizon, connecting Hansen Boulevard, improvements to the playground at Rotary Park, and continued work on the trail corridor, we have a great year ahead of us. I’m proud of the work of our staff and council in achieving this budget.”

Key projects in the 2023 budget include:

• Replacement program for aging water meters
• Completion of an expanded eight lane pool and new leisure pool at Alder Recreation Centre
• The new 29,000 sq ft. fire station at the corner of Centennial and Commerce Road
• Phase 2 of the main multi-use trail corridor – from Broadway/Blind Line to Town Line
• Tony Rose feasibility study and business case
• Library feasibility study to provide direction on physical space needs, location, capital and operating cost and future cost projections
• Redevelopment of the playground structure and area accessibility at Rotary Park
• Construction of water storage facility at Well 5
• Completion of the Hansen Blvd culvert, to allow the road to be constructed with opening anticipated in fall 2023.

In the face of a historical 6.8 per cent inflation rate, continuous labour shortage, and supply chain bottlenecks, along with the challenges related to Bill 23, a 2.35 per cent increase marks an astounding achievement. The final 2023 budget will allow the Town of Orangeville to maintain its current service levels owed to its citizens and continue to work towards other service enhancements.