Orangeville Transit riders will now be able to find out exactly where their bus is and when it will reach their stop, with the new Orangeville Bus Tracker app.

The new app works through an an AVL (Auto Vehicle Location) system to track the live locations of buses. This lets users know exactly how far a bus is from any given stop at any time.

The app asks riders to select their stop, or alternatively, to select their route first, and then loads a list of the stops from which to select. The app will then display how many minutes it will be until the next two buses arrive. A map is displayed which shows where the bus is along its route, real-time.

“The Town of Orangeville is embracing current technologies that allow us to better communicate services to our residents,” said Mayor Sandy Brown. “The new bus app is a perfect example of improving the level of service and making the Orangeville Public Transit system more convenient to use.”

The tool has been launched and is available on Data Orangeville on the Orangeville website. View the app at