In order to help lead the community toward a sustainable future in a cohesive and responsible manner, in 2019 the Town of Orangevile’s Council passed the Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP).

Over the past two years, the guide has been used for municipal decision-making by focusing on the Town’s important assets – natural resources, environment, and its corporate, economic, and social programs. Through the 124 actions outlined in SNAP, the Town of Orangeville is able to prioritize sustainable planning for a thriving community.

The first progress report on SNAP is now available, outlining the steps that have been taken towards strengthening the Town of Orangeville and our neighbourhoods. The report breaks down key aspects of the plan, organizing the goals, strategies, and 124 actions for improving sustainability into seven themes.

Notable pieces of the report include that of the 124 actions outlined in SNAP, over 50 per cent were completed or on-going as of the summer of 2022 and 22 more are highlighted as being underway.

A summary of the report can be found here. 

For more information on SNAP or to view the in-depth 2022 Progress Report visit