play structure

Given the greenlight to proceed to stage 3 by the Province of Ontario, the Town of Orangeville is currently readying all 27 of the Town’s playgrounds for reopening tomorrow.

In preparation, parks crews have been completing a full inspection of all necessary structures and equipment prior to reopening as well as ensuring that all pre-engineered fibre (fall areas) are levelled and checked. The new playground at Everykids Park includes a junior playground with slides, climbers, low level monkey bars, accessible rings, and swings as well as a senior playground with an Explorer Dome with climbing, sliding and spinning features, along with the Town’s first artificial turf surface.

“I’m excited to announce that Everykids playground at Harvey Curry Park will be opening for the first time tomorrow,” said Mayor Sandy Brown. “This state of the art and accessible playground was developed in consultation with the community and I’m glad to see it finished in time for this reopening.”

Staff have been working actively to get structures ready for reopening, having been closed for several months there were several things that needed to be checked. Staff expect all 27 of Town playgrounds will reopen, however the slide at Parkinson Park will remain closed temporarily pending repairs.

Given the ongoing pandemic, staff will continue to monitor and check all play structures on a weekly basis and will be posting rules related to COVID-19 to ensure that everyone remains diligent while visiting and using all play spaces.

The public is asked to:

  • wash hands often, especially

    • before and after touching play equipment or shared areas
    • before and after eating or drinking; try to eat before playing on the playground
    • before leaving the playground and as soon as you get home

  • if you can’t wash with soap and water, use a Health Canada approved hand sanitizer (read the label as some are not approved for children)
  • always maintain physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) while using all play spaces and note that playgrounds are not cleaned and disinfected and parents are asked to avoid crowded playgrounds and use when numbers permit physical distancing
  • encourage children to keep their hands away from their eyes, nose and mouth
  • consider hats, sunscreen and appropriate clothing for sun protection

Following these guidelines will support a healthy and safe reopening. The Town understands kids may be eager to get back out there and play, and asks that the rules are followed so the parks can remain open.