OPP introduction – Acting Inspector Nicol Randall, OPP. and Dwight Peer, Chief Superintendent, OPP Central Region were introduced to Council and provided a brief overview of the transition process that will occur on October 1, 2020. Acting Inspector Nicol Randall also provided an overview of how towing calls will be handled as well as how OPP will be dispatched to calls for service.

Orangeville Food Bank – Heather Hayes of the Orangeville Food Bank discussed Hunger Awareness Month and the recent move in location for the Orangeville Food Bank. Ms. Hayes thanked various community organizations for their ongoing support and outlined the increased use that the food bank has seen over the past year.

Hemp Mandated Crop in Canada – Dan Carter, Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance CAO, spoke about hemp becoming a mandated crop in Ontario and requested that Council complete the Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance membership.

COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards – Council approved a community recognition program to pay tribute to those deserving residents, businesses and organizations for their outstanding efforts in the Orangeville community during the unprecedented challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 Budget schedule and direction – Council endorsed receiving a five-year budget outlook for the Operating Budget and a 10-year budget outlook for Capital Budget deliberations, with the draft 2021 budget to be tabled December 7.

COVID-19 Financial Relief Program – Council approved an extension to the COVID-19 relief program. Penalties and interest on property taxes and water and wastewater will be waived up to December 31, 2020 and transit fees for Orangeville Transit will be waived up to December 31, 2020.

Large trucks on Broadway – Troy Brett, Vice Chair of the Orangeville BIA, outlined concerns that the BIA has with respect to allowing large trucks on Broadway, including safety and traffic congestion. The matter was received after a motion to prohibit large trucks between Town Line/Sherbourne Street and John Street was defeated.

Water Conservation Plan – Council passed a Water Conservation Plan. The objectives include

  • protecting the long-term viability of the Town’s water supply system
  • eliminating, postponing or deferring the need for capital infrastructure projects and expansions
  • improving emergency preparedness and increasing the water system’s ability to absorb stresses by proactively building water system redundancy and pumping reliability
  • building climate change resiliency and improving drought preparedness, and
  • improving operating cost efficiency for the delivery of water supply services.

Reduction of speed limits on streets – Council passed a resolution to reduce the speed limit to 40 kph on all Town streets with a current speed limit of 50 kph. Excluded streets will include major Town roads listed as follows: Hansen, First Street, Town Line, C Line, Riddell, Centennial, B Line, and Broadway.

Community Safety Zones – Council passed a resolution to designate the following streets as Community Safety Zones: McCannell Avenue, Rolling Hills Drive and Blind Line (within Orangeville limits).

Boulevard Café Permits – Council extended boulevard café permits to November 30, 2020. Business owners with boulevard café permits will be required to remove their patios prior to November 30, 2020 upon the direction of Town staff in the event that winter maintenance is required.