Recommendation report for 41 William Street – Council received and approved an application to pass a By-law to amend zoning for 41 William Street, to permit an additional detached and semi-detached dwelling.
Broadway Brick Replacement Project Update – Council received a report that recommended all 23 receptacles be replaced, that the number of water filling stations be reduced to one, and that the bike rack designs incorporate arts and culture. The Orangeville BIA will contribute $50,000 to the cost. Council has asked that staff include, for Council’s consideration, a project in the 2022 capital budget for the allowance of the ancillary street furniture items as set out in the report.
ICIP Public Transit Stream Funding Agreement – Council received and passed a by-law authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to sign a Transfer Payment Agreement with the Ministry of Transportation for funding.
Humber Lands: Primacare Proposal and Options for Determining Future Land Use(s) – Council received a report and directed staff to pursue discussions with Primacare to facilitate a proposed development concept for the Humber Lands (listed as Option 1 in the report). Council also directed the CAO to pursue negotiations with Primacare for the purchase of up to one half of the Humber Lands for fair market value and to report back to Council on the progress of these negotiations.
Vaccination Policy for Members of Council, Local Boards and Committees – Council received, amended and approved a Vaccination Policy report to provide that a member of Council that fails to get vaccinated, or chooses not to disclose their vaccination status, and does not qualify for an exemption in accordance with the Town's Accommodation Policy for grounds protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code, which includes confirmed medical reasons, creed and exceptional circumstances, payment of remuneration shall be suspended.
Kin fundraising permitted – Council approved a by-law to permit the Kin Club of Orangeville to hold a road toll fundraising event at the intersections of Third Street and Fourth Avenue on October 2, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.