Kin Club Charity Road Toll event – Council passed a by-law to permit the Kin Club of Orangeville to hold a road toll fundraising event at the intersections of Third Street and Fourth Avenue on October 23, 2021 or on any other alternate date in 2021 as approved by a designated staff member in Infrastructure Services.

Council remuneration – Council received a report on Council remuneration and approved a continuation of an annual cost of living adjustment equivalent to that which Town staff receive. Expenses will continue to follow existing allocations set out by Council on November 25, 2013. Council also approved adjusting the remuneration payable to members of Council that compensates for the removal of the one-third tax-free provision, effective the next term of Council. 

Alder Recreation Centre Pool – structural deficiencies – Council received a report on structural deficiencies at Alder Recreation Centre Pool, and approved additional contingency capital funding of $632,633 dollars for the sub-grade remediation and structural upgrades to Alder Recreation Centre pool area.