Environmental Sustainability Award – The recipient of the individual category of the Town’s annual Environmental Sustainability Awards was announced at Orangeville Council. Councillor Grant Peters, Chair of Sustainable Orangeville, presented Gary Skinn with the 2020 Environmental Sustainability Award. The award recognizes Mr. Skinn for having made a positive environmental contribution to the community. Mr. Skinn was the first custodian of the Community Garden and Orchard. He spent many hours building and tending to the garden and orchard and was instrumental in expanding the garden to include a Food Bank Garden.

82, 86-90 Broadway – A consultant has recommended the Town sell two parcels of land in downtown Orangeville to permit future development. N. Barry Lyon Consulting Ltd. and GSP Group presented three development scenarios and recommended actions to Council. The objectives include:

  • Increasing on-site public parking from 120 to the 150-180 space range
  • Preserving vehicular access between Broadway and Armstrong and to 92 Armstrong
  • Minimizing underground parking/providing good lighting
  • Implementing Heritage Conservation District Guidelines
  • Being sympathetic to heritage landscape –scale/ it, proportions, window design, setbacks, storefronts
  • Having a three-storey street wall with stepping back above
  • Implementing Official Plan Policies
    • Maintaining small town charm and quality of life, promoting tourism, supporting mixed use/vibrancy of the downtown, protecting historic core
    • Implementing guidelines of the Commercial Urban Design Study
    • Considering ideas identified in the Recreation & Parks Master Plan

Council selected the first of the three options and directed staff to commence preparations for the eventual sale of the properties for development through a Request for Proposal process for a four-storey, 47,300-square-foot building with residential and retail commercial space fronting on Broadway, which includes parking for a privately-owned residential development within an underground garage, and Town-owned public parking through a mix of surface and underground parking.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee – Terms of Reference were approved for the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee that will provide consultation, advice, report findings and make recommendations to Council on matters items related to diversity, inclusivity and equity. The committee’s composition will include one member of Council, seven members of the public representing a broad range within the community including representatives from diverse groups and up to two non-voting members of staff. An application process will be opened, and applications will be brought back to Council for review and approval.

Downtown blade signs coming – The BIA submitted two designs for projection signs for use in the downtown area. Council approved the two modular wall mount sign designs, to be included in the streamlined permit approval process with respect to projection signs within the downtown BIA.

Pet Shop By-law amended – After holding a public consultation consisting of a virtual public meeting and an online survey, staff presented the public comments and concerns associated with an amendment to the Town’s Pet Shop By-law 95-2005. Council directed staff to bring forward a by-law to only permit dogs, cats or rabbits to be sold in a pet shop if they are sourced through a municipal animal shelter, registered humane society, registered shelter, or a recognized animal rescue group. The licensed pet shop currently operating in the town will be exempt from this amending by-law for one year.

Backyard hen trial set – Council passed a by-law for the Registration and Keeping of Hens in the Town of Orangeville. Residents will be allowed to apply annually for a licence to keep a maximum of three hens, beginning January 1, 2021. The trial program is for three years, with a total of 30 permits issued per year. Restrictions to the permits issued include:

  • single family or semi-detached residential property
  • size and setback provisions for a hen coop and outdoor run in the rear yard of lots
  • not being in a Wellhead Protection Area where the vulnerability score is 10
  • roosters are not permitted
  • hens must be kept in the hen coop at all times
  • the sale of eggs is prohibited
  • an applicant must reside at the property where the hen is kept
  • the lot must not be located within 15 metres of a lot with a church or school.

Faulkner Street sidewalk petition – A petition was presented to Council, requesting the installation of a sidewalk along the perimeter of 24 Faulkner Street, to allow the safe passage of pedestrians to Orangeville District Secondary School, Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre, and Princess Elizabeth Public School. Council requested staff to report back with a plan for implementation of a sidewalk on Faulkner Street and to include the projected costs of the installation in the 2021 budget for Council’s consideration.

Budget meetings set – Council has scheduled February 2, 16 and 22 as budget meeting dates. December 7 is scheduled as a strategic planning workshop.

Break on two-hour downtown parking – Council approved a moratorium on the two- hour parking limit for downtown Orangeville until January 11, 2021. The moratorium does not apply to overnight parking restrictions, and parking regulations in other areas.