311 call service coming to area – Council received and approved correspondence to support the Town of Caledon's application for 311 Call Service. This support and approval was given on the understanding that residents of Orangeville who dial 311 and are connected to the Town of Caledon are provided the option of being transferred to the Town of Orangeville.

Amendments considered for election signs by-law – A statutory public meeting was held to consider various amendments to the election signs by-law. Deputy Clerk Carolina Khan presented an overview of proposed updates that would provide residents, candidates, and third-party advertisers with information that is clear, should improve compliance, and be reflective of staff resources available for enforcement. Council members looked at restricting signs to certain streets, the number per candidate, the size and type of signs, and how long they can be on display.

Ms. Khan indicated that the Municipal Elections Act defines the nomination period and nomination date and indicated that Council has the discretion to determine the number of days that election signs can be displayed. She also indicated that election signs on a vehicle would be permitted so long as they are not parked at a voting location or parked in a restricted area.

The report and draft by-law will be considered at the January 10, 2022 Council meeting, where Council will make a decision on the amendments. Prior to that, members of the public may submit comments directly to [email protected].