7-Eleven application to Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario – Council heard a delegation from Sania Wadalia, President of the Orangeville and District Labour Council. She spoke in opposition to the application by 7-Eleven to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to sell and serve alcohol on the premises.

Final tax rates for 2021 – Council heard a staff report outlining the proposed taxation rates for the 2021 fiscal year. The report recommended an increase in the total residential tax rate (Town, County, and Education) of 1.78 percent for 2021. The recommended property tax rates were calculated to raise the required budgeted tax levy amount of $37,457,772. Council passed a by-law to provide for the levy and collection of taxes required for the Town of Orangeville for the year 2021 and for the collection of County of Dufferin and Education taxes.

Community grants – Council received a staff update on the 2021 Community Grants Program. The 2021 approved budgeted amount for this program is $80,000, of which $46,500 was previously approved by Council. The remaining amount in this program is $33,500, and with requests for 2021 thus far, results in a favourable variance of $18,500. An application from the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival was received on April 21, 2021, requesting funding of $15,000. The funding will be used to underwrite performer fees for two performances at the 2021 Drive-in Concert Series and to fund a social media marketing campaign for the performances. The application meets the Town’s criteria for Community Grants. Council approved the distribution of the funds.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventory and reduction targets – Council received a staff report about greenhouse gas emissions and recommendations for reduction targets. The Town has recognized the importance of reducing local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through its commitments to the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM). Additionally, the endorsement of the Town’s Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) committed to encouraging emission reductions across the corporation and community. The PCP program supports and guides municipalities in reducing GHG emissions through a Milestone Framework to achieve each of the required deliverables.

Council passed a resolution that the Town adopt a community GHG emissions reduction target of net zero by 2050 in alignment with the Paris Agreement and directed staff to develop and set an interim community emissions reduction target once specific mitigation actions are prioritized dependent on level of impact, available resources, and support.

On-Demand Transit Service – Council received a staff report on Orangeville Transit. In order to improve service efficiency, expand service area coverage and develop innovative transit services, Orangeville Transit is looking to add a fourth route and expand the current vehicle fleet with additional buses in 2021. Two new 30-foot low floor buses will be needed to service four routes and are in the 2021 Capital Budget. However, it typically takes 14 to 18 months to tender, award and to deliver new buses. Accordingly, moving to a four-route fixed system at this time would result in a shortage of buses.

As an alternative option, staff recommended that a pilot “on-demand” response type service be implemented. On-demand bus service is a complement to the conventional fixed route service currently in place. On-demand differs from conventional transit in that there is no fixed route or schedule, and buses are dispatched on a request type basis. The flexibility allows greater service areas to be reached by transit and riders can book a ride when it is more convenient. During set on-demand service hours, a bus will be able to pick up and drop off riders at pre-set locations. Instead of operating on fixed routes, the transit service provider creates a dynamic route based on passenger requests for service. To book a ride, passengers call a customer service provider and request a pick-up. The request must be made at least one hour before the requested trip. The trip request is communicated to the driver of the bus and the passenger is told to wait at a specified stop at a scheduled time. The driver adjusts their normal route, based on the requested pick-up and drop-off locations. Trips outside the demand responsive zone would be made as scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs with the fixed route.

The concept is intended to work where trip demands are low and outside the fixed route zones. The service hours would need to be determined; however, it is felt that the pilot would consider two fixed routes and one on-demand/flex route during the day and on-demand service during the evening hours

Council voted to direct staff to engage a consultant to assist in the design of a fixed and on-demand system, utilizing the existing Town-owned buses, and to implement the pilot route strategy based on two fixed routes and one "on-demand" route, utilizing the existing Town-owned buses.

Transit Transfer Terminal – On December 14, 2020, Council directed staff to work with the County to assess the feasibility of locating the transit transfer point at the Edelbrock Centre, and connecting Centre Street with Dawson Road based on preliminary design work prepared by Triton Engineering Services Limited (TESL).

County staff support, in principle, Town staff proceeding with further detailed engineering design, with some specified concerns. Staff is recommending that requests for proposals for engineering services to complete the design of the transit transfer terminal be advanced as soon as possible, allowing a tender call and award for construction in 2021.

Council voted to endorse the Transit Transfer Terminal Plan consisting of:

  • a dedicated drive-through road, 6.5 metres in width, for Orangeville Transit buses from Centre Street to Dawson Road
  • a terminal that has made provisions for future expansion and as such the concept has provided space for six buses meeting specifications for Orangeville’s vehicle fleet
  • a pedestrian connection to link Centre Street to Dawson Road thus reducing the need for the public to seek passage through the County lands
  • a simple bus shelter that is unheated and with no washroom facilities
  • a terminal that does not include parking facilities
  • a drive-through road that will be lit for appropriate safety measures

Council further directed staff to engage an engineering consultant to complete the final design of the Transit Transfer Terminal.

Appointment of Integrity Commissioner – Council passed a by-law appointing Charles A. Harnick, ADR Chambers Inc., as Integrity Commissioner for the Town of Orangeville.