Vehicle for Hire by-law – Council held a public meeting to provide an overview of the proposed Vehicle for Hire by-law. The by-law strives to level the playing field amongst transportation services, such as taxis, limousines, and transportation network companies (TNCs) to establish general licensing provisions that can be applied to other licence types such as tow trucks, to establish a standardized hearing process regarding the refusal and revocation of a licence, and include relevant legislation such as the Municipal Act, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, and the Human Rights Code. Staff will continue to receive feedback until March 18 and will then report back to Council.

Island Lake plan endorsed – Following a presentation by Credit Valley Conservation representatives, Council endorsed the Island Lake Conservation Management Plan. The Concept Master Plan presents ideas that will guide the conservation area’s transformation over 25 years, including:

• Consolidation and replacement of buildings

• Trail improvements

• Increased access to water

• Road network and wayfinding improvements

• Expansion and reorganization of parking

Six thematic areas include a gathering place, a new gate house, waterside day use and wading area, a waterside visitor centre, amenities for events, education and amphitheatre programming, and amenities to support day use activities.

New branding for library – Orangeville Library Board Chair Bill Rea and CEO Darla Fraser outlined the long-term business and branding strategy for the Orangeville Public Library. Key Gordon, a branding, advertising and design agency specializing in cultural facilities, was retained to undertake the work. They were assisted by TCI Management Consultants and Beth Ross & Associates.

This work has outlined what is desired and needed by the community for the Orangeville Public Library. The consultants concluded that Orangeville will need more library space over the coming decade – the estimate is 12,000 additional square feet to adequately serve the growing municipality. Second, community members indicated they wish to keep the Mill Street branch – which, with some improvements, can continue to be a fully functioning and contributing facility. Third, expansion should take place at the Alder Street location, which is well-located adjacent to other community recreation resources and has expansion room.

The work has developed a refreshed brand identity, logo and tagline for the Orangeville Public Library that will re-frame the library in the mind of the public as a compelling and interesting resource. The library will embark upon a strategic planning process. This process should consider the many suggestions for new collections, programs and services gleaned through the extensive consultation process.

Traffic calming study – Jamie Garcia of CIMA presented a traffic calming study that was completed for the Town. Staff are directed to implement the traffic calming policy and implementation process set out in the study. Staff are to apply the new policy to review and evaluate traffic calming applications from members of the public and neighbourhood communities in Orangeville. Staff are to report back with respect to a policy for applying traffic calming measures in the design criteria of new roads in Town.

Open air burning by-law amended – Council received a report on open air burning and amended the by-law to permit burning between the hours of 12 p.m. and 11 p.m., in a 4-3 vote. Staff is directed to report back if there is a significant increase in the number of complaints or a concern regarding the nature of complaints.