Invasive Species Strategy and Sustainable Forest Management Plan – Credit Valley Conservation representatives Aaron Day, Kate Hayes and Freyja Whitten provided information to Council relating to the invasive species strategy and outlined a sustainable forest management plan. 

Island Lake Conservation Management Plan – Kate Burgess, Conservation Lands Planner with Credit Valley Conservation, presented the Island Lake Conservation Management Plan and highlighted key points of the plan. 

OPP transition cost estimates Jonathan Hambides of POMAX Consulting Inc. confirmed the accuracy of cost estimates previously provided to Council, except for a discrepancy between the projected cost avoidance initially set out as $58.6 million but calculated based on actual salary increases and the OPP statement of December 2020 of $56.34 million. 

Rates & fees review – minor sport groups – At the February 21 meeting, Council had approved a fee reduction for ice user groups adjusting their user fees from the registered minor sport group rate of $186.76 to the non-prime rate of $116.73 from December 14, 2020 to the end of the 2020/2021 season in April. The Orangeville Otters had also delegated to Council requesting a rate reduction. As a result, Council directed staff to bring back a report for pool rental and outdoor facility groups.

Based on the staff report, Council approved a reduction to the outdoor minor base rate of 37.5%, equivalent to the reduced amount provided to the ice user groups, including minor soccer, baseball and lacrosse which would apply for the spring/summer 2021 season in its entirety. A fee reduction was also extended to the Orangeville Otters in the same amount of 37.5% effective February 24, 2021 (return to play date) to June 2021, i.e. the end of the 2020/21 swim season.

Parking on one side of streets – Council received a report from Infrastructure Services regarding extending the restriction of parking on residential streets in older subdivisions to one side only. In newer subdivisions (built after 1997) parking is already permitted on one side of the street only, to allow for two-way traffic and improved access for larger vehicles such as emergency vehicles and winter maintenance equipment. Older parts of the Town generally permit parking on both sides of the street. Due to safety concerns raised by residents, Council had directed staff to investigate alternative parking solutions. The staff report recommended that restricting parking to one side only be considered where the asphalt width is eight metres or less and be prohibited on the side of the road where fire hydrants are located.

Council referred the matter to staff to solicit public input and to report back within six months. 

Metrolinx Joint Transit Procurement program and agreement - 2019-2024 Council received a report from Infrastructure Services seeking authorization for Orangeville Transit to participate in the multi-year Governane Agreement (GA) for joint transit procurements facilitated by Metrolinx.

The objective of this program is to reduce the costs of newly-purchased transit-related equipment by consolidating tendering and reducing procurement process-related costs. Orangeville Transit last participated in the Metrolinx Joint Procurement program in 2019 when it purchased its fourth nine-metre low floor bus.

In the coming months, it is hopeful Metrolinx will undertake a similar procurement for nine-metre low floor buses which will allow Orangeville Transit to participate in the Joint Transit Procurement program and to purchase the additional fleet as required for its proposed four-route system.

Council authorized Orangeville Transit’s participation in the program