Mandatory face coverings (COVID mask restrictions) – Council repealed the by-law requiring face coverings in public, in keeping with provincial mask mandates.

Outdoor boulevard cafes – Council amended by-laws for the outdoor boulevard café and the display of merchandise for the period of April 1 to November 30, 2022, to align with the extensions approved in 2020 and 2021. Throughout the 2022 season, staff will monitor and evaluate the impact of extended locations on downtown parking and report to Council in February 2023 regarding permanently extending the by-laws, effective April 1 to October 31, on an annual basis.

Fare-free transit – Orangeville enacted fare-free transit successfully for 12 months, from April 2020 to March 2021, as a COVID relief measure. Council requested staff to provide a report that outlines a two-year pilot program for fare-free transit, including potential impacts on ridership, route efficiency, gas tax calculations, and reduced capital expenditures such as electronic fare collection. The requested report will be presented to Council no later than June 2022. The trial period would align with the implementation of the fourth route and transit hub construction later this year.

Building permit report In 2021, the Building Division issued 262 building permits, of which 99 were building permits for new residential dwelling units, 58 were for institutional, commercial and industrial buildings. 105 miscellaneous permits (which include pools, demolitions, septic systems, signs, tents, decks, designated structures, water, sewer connections, heating, plumbing and garages etc. The total revenue collected was $288,923.

Updated emergency response plan – Council adopted an updated emergency response plan, as prepared by the County of Dufferin. This Emergency Response Plan incorporates lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and incorporates accommodations for a more flexible Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG) capable of making decisions without establishing a physical EOC.

Community grant allocations – Council approved the distribution of 2022 Community Grant budgeted funds of $56,000.

Municipal election – Council amended the election sign by-law to have the penalty sections reference the Provincial Offences Act and the Municipal Act, and reworded a section to create an offence for posting a sign in a campaign office prior to a candidate filing a nomination. Council passed election sign by-law 2022-003 in early 2022 and staff applied for short form wording and set fine approval in order to be able to issue a part 1 ticket for any contraventions to the by-law.

Council also passed a by-law to authorize the use of optical scanning vote tabulators and a vote at home program in the 2022 municipal and school board election.

By-law enforcement services expand – The Town has entered into an agreement with both the Township of Melancthon and the Township of Mulmur for the provision of by-law enforcement services.