Replacement of sidewalks and boulevards on Broadway – Howard Wray of Triton Engineering provided an overview of the replacement of sidewalks and boulevards on Broadway from John Street to Third Street. Discussion about the project included issues on the proposed timing of the project, i.e. fall of 2021 or delaying until spring or fall of 2022, the type of materials used, tree planting and placement of bike racks.

Shelley Wishart presented a petition signed by 62 businesses asking that the Broadway sidewalk project be delayed to allow downtown businesses to open and have the opportunity to rebuild their businesses.

A report is expected to come back to Council on June 28 on the matter.

Public Meeting – Rezoning application for 41 William Street – Brandon Ward, Manager of Planning presented an overview of a zoning by-law amendment application submitted for 41 William Street. The application is for a proposed development that consists of three parts: maintaining existing dwelling, constructing a new detached dwelling near the intersection, and constructing a new semi-detached dwelling facing Hannah Street. 

On behalf of the applicant, Andrea Sinclair (MHBC Planning) explained the proposed development and its design history in more detail, which seeks to better utilize the site and introduce modest density.

A number of concerns were raised by members of the public participating in the meeting, including illegal basement apartments in the area, loss of trees, traffic, parking and safety issues, lowering property values and setting precedent for similar developments in the future. Ms. Sinclair gave responses to the concerns raised. Council members’ questions relating to trees and sidewalks were also addressed.

Planning staff will take the public meeting feedback into consideration as part of their review and will make a recommendation to Council for a decision on the application in the future.