Rotary Park Redevelopment plan 2022 – Council approved in principle the Rotary Park Redevelopment Plan by GSP Group. Council directed staff to work in partnership with the Orangeville Rotary Club to begin planning the new proposed playground and to report back to Council during the 2023 budget process on final layouts and budget impacts.

2022 community grants update – Council approved the 2022 Community Grants update and approved distribution of $17,000 in budgeted funds.


Strategic plan – Trudy Parsons, Managing Director and Clark Hoskins, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting outlined the three phases of the Strategic Plan process which include a background review, engagement and strategy development as well as a proposed timeline for each step. Ms. Parsons also outlined the benefits of strategic planning and answered questions from Council.

Parking on one side of street – Council passed a by-law to update the current Traffic Bylaw 078-2005 to incorporate the parking restrictions for one side of local streets in residential areas. Two locations will remain unaffected: Mill Street between Broadway and Armstrong Street, and Young Court east of the entrance feature. Generally, the new parking restrictions have been placed on the side of the road that have fire hydrants. Where parking is already restricted on both sides of the street, those restrictions have been maintained.

The new signs will be “bagged” until all of the new signs are in place. Then the bags will be removed and enforcement will commence in all of the new areas at once. No enforcement of the new restrictions will take place until November 1, 2022, after all of the appropriate signage has been installed and the bags have been removed.

236 First Street project – Councillor Joe Andrews provided an update on the 236 First Street project and outlined some supply chain issues that have occurred.