2022 Asset Management Plan (Core Infrastructure)  The 2022 Asset Management Plan was presented and outlined the wide range of services, including core services. The plan describes action required to manage core assets. The Town’s core assets include roads, bridges and culverts, stormwater management systems, and water and wastewater systems. The 2022 plan focuses on the 10-year period 2022 to 2031 while also providing a framework for continuous improvement in asset management practices and information management. The Asset Management Plan supports three priorities from Orangeville Forward, the Town’s Strategic Plan as well as supporting future requirements of O.REG. 588/17.

False alarm calls – Council directed staff in January of 2021 to determine the cost of false alarm calls and advise if those costs can be billed back to those responsible. Council approved the staff recommendation to focus on education as an initial step and that staff report back on a False Alarm By-law program to be addressed through the 2023 budget process.

2022 Business Improvement Area levy – Council received the report and approved the 2022 BIA levies as proposed, and approval of the by-law to provide for the levy and collection of a special charge of property in the Orangeville Business Improvement Area.

Section 357 Tax Appeals – Council received the report regarding Section 357 Tax Appeals for 2021. Council authorized the reduction in property tax totalling $4,029.65.

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) – Council approved the recommendation to adopt a new Community Improvement Plan and enact by-laws to designate the Town of Orangeville as a Community Improvement Project Area (CIPA), a new comprehensive revitalization strategy for the CIPA, designate the Downtown Community Improvement Plan and establish a Community Improvement Reserve Fund.

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool that allows municipalities to provide incentive programs such as grants, loans, and fee relief, to stimulate private sector investment that supports revitalization within defined geographic areas. CIP’s can target areas in transition or in need of repair, rehabilitation and redevelopment. They can also focus attention on local priorities and provide direction for municipal revitalization initiatives.

The proposed CIP enables a total of eight financial incentive programs in the form of grants or fee relief measures, to be made available to property owners or tenants within the Community Improvement Project Area and its priority areas.

Staff have been directed to prepare submissions for the 2023 budget for additional funding required to administer and implement the plan and its programs, and to bring a follow-up report to Council in the first quarter of 2023 to outline recommendations regarding implementation and appropriate programs to be funded in 2023.

Fare-free transit – Council directed staff to implement a two-year pilot project offering free fares on the Orangeville Transit system, effective January 1, 2023, with updates to Council every four months.

The completion of the new transit hub at the Edelbrock Centre is expected to be completed this fall. The draft design is complete, an application has been sent to the Credit Valley Conservation for approval of some of the works. Council has also approved a two-route fixed bus service augmented by a two bus “on demand” service. This new service is expected to be implemented before the end of 2022. The Town is also investigating the potential use of new electric buses.