Town’s Telecommunications System: Phil Crnko, President of Black Castle Networks, gave Council an overview of the Telecommunications Report. In 2021, the Town received a provincial modernization grant to review the telecommunications systems for current and future state needs. Black Castle Networks performed the review and identified future-ready opportunities for the Town’s infrastructure. The report detailed specific risks/deficiencies in the current state that are high priority. It also reported that there are numerous government grants along with private/public partnership opportunities that can assist in the funding/cost sharing. Council received the Telecommunications Report (CPS-2022-062) and authorized staff to pursue grant funding for initiatives related to upgrading the Town’s telecommunication systems.

Budget 2023 Schedule and Direction: Council received report CPS-1011-063, Budget 2023 Schedule and Direction, and endorsed receiving a five-year budget outlook for Operating Budget and a ten-year budget outlook for Capital Budget deliberations.  Council approved maintaining the cost-of-living allowance of 2% as a guideline to report a budget for non-union staff salary and benefits in the proposed 2023 budget. Council approved an additional $200,000 for the capital budget from $2.6M to $2.8M in light of global inflationary pressures.

Intersection All-Way Stop Review (various locations): Council passed a by-law to implement an all-way stop at the following intersections: College Avenue and Fieldgate Drive; Spencer Avenue and Cornwall Gate/Abbey Road; Alder Street and Sherwood Street. Council approved the implementation of traffic calming measures including: a temporary radar speed sign for a time to be determined by staff, signage, and targeted communications in the Meadow Drive and Pheasant Drive area.

November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Beginning November 2022, Council agreed to proclaim November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

2022 Santa Claus Parade: Kin Club has announced that they do not have the resources to organize and hold the 2022 Santa Claus Parade; therefore, Council approved the Town hosting a Santa Claus Parade on November 19, 2022. It will be organized by community services staff and $15,000 in funding from Parks and Recreation Reserve will cover the associated costs.

Orangeville Food Bank: Councillor Andrews congratulated the Orangeville Food Bank on their 30-year anniversary event.

Taste of Orangeville: Councillor Sherwood advised that Taste of Orangeville is happening Saturday, August 20 on Mill Street from 3pm – 8pm.