Orangeville Transit – Council received and approved the report on the Orangeville Transit route design. Council agreed to redirect the approved 2021 capital funds, set aside for two new 30-foot low floor accessible buses, to purchase two new accessible mini-buses to offer a hybrid of fixed and on-demand service. This concept balances a fixed route and consistent transit service for the majority of the Town, with a limited access to service the more distant areas where transit demands are lower.

The combined fixed and hybrid service provides access to 100 percent of the community. The fixed route service efficiently serves the key destination areas, with the greatest ridership and at attractive frequencies, with on-demand transit service available in other areas. The report ranks the fixed-hybrid system as the most attractive based on the ability to adjust routes and service hours, while providing transit services to all Orangeville residents. Two fixed routes are planned with two on-demand routes, to be implemented in late 2022 or early 2023.

Fire hall repurposing – Council received and approved a report with respect to repurposing the second floor of the existing fire hall into a crisis care bed facility and allocating land for a Habitat for Humanity build project. Staff will report back on the continuing progress of these projects and is directed to proceed with any required zoning and official plan amendments.

Community grants updated – The Dufferin Child and Family Foundation requested funding of $2,000 to help provide an "Around the World Scavenger Hunt and Pancake Breakfast" for area families. This is a free, fun, and educational event to be held in Kay Cee Gardens on May 14. Council also agreed to waive the fees of rental of up to 20 picnic tables for the event.

Council received and approved the community grants for 2022. The 2022 approved budgeted amount for this program is $80,000, of which $56,000 was previously approved by council to be used.

Police bicycle patrol – Council approved a motion to support OPP bicycle patrols within the Town and will provide $9,000 for the purchase of four bicycles. The plan is to have bicycle patrols in place for the summer of 2022.