Orangeville Hydro, greenhouse gas emissions – Council heard a presentation by Rob Koekkoek, President of Orangeville Hydro, summarizing community greenhouse gas emissions in Dufferin County, and indicating that for Orangeville, electricity was the source of 3% of CO2 emissions, while gasoline was 53%, natural gas 38% and solid waste 3%.

Vehicle noise reduction – Resident Michael Cornish presented concerns that he has regarding vehicle noise control and provided some suggested actions.

COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards – Council received a report from staff with two nominations for community recognition awards for outstanding efforts within the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Council voted to donate $80 to the Orangeville Food Bank from the Community Grant Program on behalf of the award recipients.

Pottery Parties in the Hills
Tanya Frew is the owner/operator of the Pottery Parties in the Hills located within the Mill Street Mall. In April of 2020 when the COVID pandemic struck, Ms. Frew altered her business model to accommodate her customers by offering take-home ceramic painting kits. Ms. Frew provided all the socially distanced drop-offs and pick-ups of the kits for months.

Orangeville Lions Club
The Orangeville Lions Club has been part of the Orangeville community since 1949 and has assisted in bringing many great community events and amenities to the area. During the pandemic the members have been focusing their efforts on outdoor recreational amenities such as the Natural Playscape at Island Lake Conservation Area. The Club has successfully held numerous food drives under COVID protocols and over the Christmas holidays collected 1,703 pounds of food and over $2,700 for the Orangeville Food Bank.

Online nomination forms are available on the Town’s website and will be received on a continuous basis until the end of the pandemic. 

Community Grant allocations for 2021 – Council received a report from staff outlining the applications for community grants. There were five eligible applications for community grants, from the following organizations:

  • Orangeville & District Senior Citizens Centre
  • Optimist Club of Orangeville
  • Orangeville Tennis Club
  • Rotary Club of Orangeville
  • The Kin Club of Orangeville

Council voted to approve the distribution of 2021 Community Grant budgeted funds of $46,500, according to the recommendations of the report.

Section 357 tax appeals – Council received a report from staff regarding Tax Appeals for 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020, outlining three properties for which the owners have made application under Section 357(1)(a) and Section 357 (1)(d)(i) of the Municipal Act. MPAC determined that the applications are valid. Due to the circumstances under which the applications were made, the properties have met the criteria to qualify for the adjustment of taxes in accordance with Section 357 of the Municipal Act. The total proposed rebate is $5,289.18 of which $1,263.11 is the Town portion. Council authorized the reduction in property tax.

7-Eleven AGCO liquor licence application – Council received a staff report concerning an application by 7-Eleven to both sell and serve alcoholic beverages. As it was determined that the applicant has not provided sufficient information to allow for the effective evaluation of the proposal, including seating areas, serving areas, and occupancy load, and that the Town has limited time to provide a response to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) staff requested Council’s direction. Council directed staff to file a formal objection with the AGCO.

Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan – The Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan was developed to aid in mainstreaming adaptation across Town operations, planning and decision-making processes. It intends to address the broad range of potential risks that climate change poses and prepare for the effects on Town-managed infrastructure, assets and services. It incorporates objectives in four categories: environment and natural resources, public health and safety, infrastructure and assets, and cross-cutting. A list of actions has been developed under each of the objectives to enhance Orangeville’s ability to address local climate impacts.

Council voted to approve and adopt the Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan, and  authorized staff to begin the implementation of action items, according to the contents outlined in the 2021 Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan. 

Falkner Street – Sunset Drive sidewalk public consultation – At its meeting of November 9, 2020 Council had received a petition to consider the approval of a sidewalk on Falkner Street and Sunset Drive. The petition presented to Council suggested the location is a safety concern for residents and students walking from Orangeville District Secondary School (ODSS) and Princess Elizabeth Public School (PEPS). Staff were directed to report back to Council on the implementation of a sidewalk and the associated installation costs.

At its December 14, 2020 meeting Council passed a resolution that a 390-metre section of sidewalk commencing at the north driveway of ODSS and ending at the intersection of Northgate Drive and Forest Park Road immediately across from the walkway connecting the intersection to Goldgate Crescent, be referred for consideration during the 2021 budget deliberations. Further to this resolution, Council requested the directly-affected property owners be contacted in accordance with the Sidewalk Policy. Of the 25 property owners that staff contacted, 18 replied, with 16 not in favour of the installation of the proposed sidewalk.

Council also heard a delegation from resident Sylvia Bradley about the concerns that she had with the survey policy process that was undertaken. Ms. Bradley also indicated that she is in favour of having a sidewalk, predominately as it is a safety issue.

Council voted to receive the staff report and directed staff to not proceed with any sidewalk construction in the Falkner Street/Sunset Drive location. 

Pumper rescue truck – Council approved a staff recommendation to select the RFP submission of Commercial Emergency Equipment Co. to provide a heavy-duty pumper rescue truck and approved additional funding from the Fire Fleet Reserve in the amount of $65,574.74 inclusive of a $10,000 contingency for any unforeseen additions and alterations, for a total cost of $840,604.11.

Fire service grant proposal – As a result of the decommissioning of the Ontario Fire College, the province has initiated a new funding program to assist local fire services with training programs. Under the new program, the Town of Orangeville is eligible to receive up to $11,700. Orangeville Fire submitted a proposal in principle for the construction of a modular training structure utilizing shipping containers. The modular flexibility of this style of container would allow the fire suppression team to utilize the new training space at the current location of the Fire Service and relocate to the new site of Orangeville Fire in the future.

Council approved the Ontario Fire Grant application, and authorized staff to complete the transfer payment agreement with the Province of Ontario.

Notice of Motion prior to meeting re community safety – Councillors Lisa Post and Todd Taylor brought forward a notice of motion regarding community safety, due to a recent incident concerning speeding and impaired driving. Council voted that staff be directed to install a portable speed sign on Oak Ridge Drive between Island Lake Public School and the hairpin bend, and that staff be directed to erect a sign warning of the bend on the north side of the road near Graham Crescent.